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Protection of Pregnant Students from Ionizing Radiation

Memorandum #11 Protection of Pregnant Students from Ionizing Radiation

Revised: December 2, 1999
Original Date of Issue: March 5, 1980

At its meeting on February 7, 1980, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the following policy which is intended to protect pregnant students from ionizing radiation:

Upon matriculating in certain curricula, such as Radiologic Technology, Dental Assistant/Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Imaging, and Nursing programs, each female student will sign a statement acknowledging her awareness of, and responsibilities under, the following policy:

A pregnant student in such programs is required to make her condition known to the head of the department and to submit appropriate documentation from her obstetrician. Since the student, while assigned to Clinical Education, will be exposed to ionizing radiation which could be deleterious to an unborn fetus, it may become necessary for the student to withdraw from the program. Neither the College nor the clinical affiliates can assume responsibility for any harm that might occur to a fetus as a result of exposure to ionizing radiation. A student who is required to withdraw from such programs because of pregnancy will be readmitted in accordance with the established procedure.

The above policy will be made known to students matriculating in the specified curricula both by the usual announcements in catalogs, allied health brochures, student handbooks, etc. and by the circulation, at the time of matriculation, of the statement to be signed by the student.