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Credit by Examination

Memorandum #7 - Credit by Examination

Effective Date: July 1, 2016
Original Numbers: 78 and 98
Original Dates of Issue: December 21, 1972 and November 8, 1976 Respectively
Reissued as New Number 7: April 8, 2010
Revised: December 16, 2013

At the discretion of an academic department, students may request a special examination to earn course credit.  This form of credit by examination is available for students who have knowledge attained through professional experience, independent study or similar learning experience identical to or comparable with subjects and courses taught at Community College of Philadelphia.

  1. A student must be an active student in the College.
  2. The student must be eligible to take the course for credit under existing regulations of the College. The course for which credit is requested must be listed in the College Catalog.
  3. Credit by Examination is administered by the department offering the course. If the student's performance is deemed satisfactory by the department faculty and approval of the credit is granted by the Vice President for Academic and Student Success and Division Dean, the credits for the course but no letter grade will be entered on the student's academic record.
  4. Credit by Examination counts toward the residency requirements. 
  5. An examination for credit may be taken only once for each course.
  6. When a student successfully completes all requirements for credit, the course for which credit by examination is applicable shall be posted on the student's transcript, indicating "credit by exam."
  7. The maximum number of credits by examination allowable toward a degree or academic certificate shall not exceed one-half of the total number of credits required.