Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness works to advance the mission and strategic priorities of the College through collaboration with College and external constituents in the use of data to inform decisions aimed at ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion and continuous improvement. This is attained through the accurate reporting of internal and external data, support for outcome assessment efforts, program reviews, undertake of research and data analytics aimed at student success, strategic planning and accreditation efforts of the College in the pursuit of institutional effectiveness. 


  • Collaborate with campus constituencies in the development, implementation and sustenance of institutional effectiveness structures to ensure continuous improvement
  • Provide support in accreditation efforts through the provision of informed data, knowledge base to support institutional programs and accreditation efforts
  • Provide accurate and timely data to internal and external constituents, undertake data analytics to support the campus community in decision making with the view to improving student success
  • Work with the campus community to support and sustain outcome assessment efforts, including program reviews, student learning outcome assessment, administrative unit outcome assessment, and General Education (Gen Ed) assessment
  • Keep updated on emerging scholarship and trends in the field of institutional effectiveness through professional development and attendance of conferences.
  • Offer professional development opportunities supporting the creation of assessment and the use of assessment data for analysis and responsiveness to student and program needs.

What the OIE Office Does: Selected Key Responsibilities

Internal Reporting

  • Reports on enrollment trend data
  • Graduation rates
  • Retention and persistence rates
  • Tracking of institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Updates on assessment outcomes
  • Data provision and support for units and divisions across the college 
  • Distribution of end-of-semester grade reports to academic deans and department chairs
  • Coordination of the production and records of Academic Program Reviews

External Reporting

  • Reporting to state and local entities
  • Federal reporting such as IPEDS
  • Middle States Annual Institutional Update Report
  • Achieving the Dream

Support Services

  • Provide support in the design, delivery and visualization of varied data types
  • Provide training and guidance for faculty and staff in the outcome assessment-related work
  • Provide resource support and best practices advocacy for campus constituents on assessment-related issues
  • Support the college on regional and program-related accreditation matters
  • Review and distribute all surveys as stated in the College’s survey policy
  • Oversee the College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) 
  • Organize and head the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)
  • Coordinate the implementation and integration of the Administrative, Educational and Support (AES) Assessment program

Institutional Research

Exlore comprehensive data analytics that are timely, accurate, and consistent.

Facts, Stats and Reports

Office of Assessment and Evaluation

Institutional Assessment is a foundation for planning, assessing mission and institutional effectiveness, institutional improvement and self-study.

Assessment at the College

AES Planning and Assessment

Individual AES (Administrative, Educational and Support) non-teaching units of the College regularly examine Unit effectiveness in achieving their support outcomes.