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Spring 2023 Professional Development Week—Jan. 9-11

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Mission Statement

The mission of Community College of Philadelphia's professional development efforts is to improve and sustain excellence in teaching and learning, and the professional growth of all employees through collegial, planned learning opportunities that support the strategic goals of the college.

Call for Proposals

You're invited to submit a proposal (s) for workshops that will enrich and professionally develop CCP's faculty and staff. Please consider creating a session, aligned with the PD week theme, where you can share your expertise and interest with your colleagues. To submit a proposal, please complete the Professional Development Seminar Proposal Form.

Proposal Ideas:

The theme for the Spring 2023 PD Week is: Kindness Catalyzes Connection: Promoting Success for Faculty, Staff and Students at CCP.

Using the lens of kindness, Professional Development Week workshops will focus on ways members of the College can connect with themselves and each other.

PD Week workshop proposals should include:

  1. Ways to be good to ourselves as employees (work-life harmony/self-care)
  2. Ways to be good/kind to our colleagues
  3. Kindness within the classroom and across departments and offices
  4. Ways in which kindness/connection works within a DEI context
  5. Ways in which connection works with online learning innovations

The week will explore ways to directly and implicitly explore the quality of kindness as a socio-emotional tool at CCP and further our anti-racist agenda by creating strength in unity. Any questions or concerns, please contact Danielle Liautaud-Watkins at or Andrea Malloy at .

Professional Development Week

Professional Development week is held twice yearly at the College, in the Fall and Spring.

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