Institution-Wide Committee (IWC)

The IWC shall consider all recommendations forwarded to that committee by the Standing Committees.  Standing Committees do not make recommendations directly to the College President.

IWC meets on the fourth (4th) Monday of the month, at 2:30 p.m. in the Isadore A. Shrager Boardroom, Mint Building, M2-1.

IWC Chairperson

Chairperson - Todd Jones
Secretary - Judith Gay

IWC Members

Administrative Appointees

Carol de Fries
Jacob Eapen
Judith Gay
Samuel Hirsch


Jody Bauer
Simon Brown
Mary Anne Celenza
Jim Spiewak

Federation Appointees

Todd Jones
Bridget McFadden
Rainah Chambliss
Jalyn Warren


Junior Brainard
Steve Jones
Eric Neumann

Student Appointees


Mike Luna
Shailynn Gabriel
Yaya Dia
Charles Hines

Jermaine Matthews
Kaliyma Jenkins
Amber Young
Payton Werts


Agendas, Minutes and Attachments