COVID-19 Campus Update

As public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 continue to grow, Community College of Philadelphia has made the careful decision to move coursework to online or other remote alternatives, beginning March 30 through the end of the spring semester, and to keep Main Campus and its Regional Centers closed through at least May 6, 2020. All courses remain suspended through March 30, 2020. Students will receive details on coursework from individual instructors. Faculty and staff will be issued guidance by supervisors. At this time, the commencement ceremony for spring 2020 is postponed. The College will continue to update you via email, web updates and text alerts as this situation evolves during the closure. During this time, please follow all CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of this virus and remaining healthy, including hygiene recommendations, social distancing practices and remaining home when you are sick.

College Policies and Procedures

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College Identification Card Policy

Memorandum #160 College Identification Card Policy

Revised January 1, 2016
Original Date of Issue: July 1, 2005
Revised Date of Issue: June 25, 2007

It is the policy of Community College of Philadelphia that all current members of the College community be issued a valid Photo Identification Card for the purposes of verifying status and of seeking access to College facilities or services. Effective January 1, 2016, it is required that College Photo Identification Cards be visibly displayed at all times while on any College facilities. College Photo Identification Cards must be shown, and surrendered for inspection, upon request by any faculty member, security officer, or any other official member of the College staff. College-issued Photo Identification Cards remain the property of Community College of Philadelphia and may be confiscated for legitimate reasons.

All employees must obtain Photo Identification Cards upon hire. Students enrolling in credit-bearing courses must obtain Photo Identification Cards upon registration. Photo Identification Cards are produced by the Office of Safety and Security and are initially provided at no cost. It is a violation of College Policy to lend the College Photo Identification Card to anyone or fail to present it upon request by a faculty member, security officer, or any other College official. Such violation subjects the holder to disciplinary action. College Photo Identification Cards will only be replaced if lost or stolen. It is a violation of this Policy to request a second Photo Identification Card for convenience or any other purposes. Any replacement card will invalidate previously issued cards, so that only the most recently issued card will work within the College's systems.

All students enrolled in credit-bearing courses and all employees of the College are required to have a College issued Photo Identification Card. Students enrolled only in non-credit courses of 30 hours or more duration need to obtain a College Identification Card which will initially be provided at no cost. Restrictions on access to certain College services apply to students enrolled only in non-credit courses. Students enrolled only in non-credit courses of less than 30 hours duration will be required to register as a visitor upon entrance to any College facility and display the College-issued visitor / guest identification card.

To obtain a Photo Identification Card, individuals must present a photo ID issued by a governmental agency. In the event that an individual does not have a valid ID, two alternate forms of identification must be presented.

Authority for the enforcement of this policy, including validation/activation procedures, is vested within the Offices of Safety and Security, Human Resources and Business and Finance. Employee and Vendor ID cards become void upon termination and placed in an inactive status during periods of interruption of employment. Student ID cards becomes void upon termination and are placed in an inactive status during periods of interruption of enrollment at the College. All Photo Identification Cards are the property of the College and must be returned to the Office of Safety and Security (student and vendor cardholders) or Office of Human Resources (employee cardholders) when cardholder's affiliation with the College has ended.