COVID-19 Campus Update

As public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 continue to grow, Community College of Philadelphia has made the careful decision to move coursework to online or other remote alternatives, beginning March 30 through the end of the spring semester, and to keep Main Campus and its Regional Centers closed through at least May 6, 2020. All courses remain suspended through March 30, 2020. Students will receive details on coursework from individual instructors. Faculty and staff will be issued guidance by supervisors. At this time, the commencement ceremony for spring 2020 is postponed. The College will continue to update you via email, web updates and text alerts as this situation evolves during the closure. During this time, please follow all CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of this virus and remaining healthy, including hygiene recommendations, social distancing practices and remaining home when you are sick.

College Policies and Procedures

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Compensated Leave Program

Memorandum #263 Compensated Leave Program

Revised: August 22, 2003
Original Date of Issue: October 4, 1995


At its meeting of April 4, 1985, the Board of Trustees adopted a compensated leave program for administrative employees.  Under this program, any full-time administrative employee serving on a regular appointment is eligible to apply for a leave of absence with full salary and benefits maintained for the period of the leave.

Program Requirements

  1. Leaves will be for a maximum period of four (4) months;
  2. The maximum number of leaves granted in any one appointment year will be five (5);
  3. A minimum of seven (7) years of service in any full-time employment category at Community College of Philadelphia is required prior to the eligibility date of the requested leave;
  4. No additional payments of tuition or fees beyond the normal forgivable loan program will be allowed under this program;  
  5. The leave should be for the purpose of advanced study, research/publication or other professional activity which is intended to further the employee's development in his/her present or prospective field of employment;
  6. An administrative employee who is awarded a compensated leave agrees as a part of his/her application to return to the College for at least two (2) years following the compensated leave.  In the event the employee fails to return to his/her position at the expiration of the leave for the two period, he/she shall refund all sums (including fringes) paid to him or her during the compensated leave.

Procedure for Application

  1. Interested candidates should make application for leaves at least four (4) months prior to the effective date of the leave;  
  2. A leave application form (copy attached) should be completed and forwarded to the senior officer;
  3. The senior officer will review the proposal and if he/she is in agreement, approve the request and forward it to the President.  In recommending approval, the senior officer will specify on the application form plans for accomplishing the employee's work assignments during the leave.  The senior officer may delay a leave recommendation due to work requirements for up to six (6) months.  Any delay beyond that for a leave which would otherwise be recommended will require the approval of the President;
  4. If the senior officer does not recommend approval, he/she will advise the applicant of his/her decision and the reasons related thereto;
  5. The President will select up to five (5) applicants from among those recommended by the senior officer.  Senior officers themselves are eligible to apply.  Their applications are included within the limitation of five;
  6. Those applicants who are recommended but who are not within the five (5) applicant limit, will be notified and may apply for leave for the following year.