Vaccinations and Testing

Due to City of Philadelphia mandates, all students, faculty and staff must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 15, 2021. Individuals will be subject to regular testing until they are fully vaccinated (two weeks after their final shot), including those with approved exemptions. Please see our College COVID-19 Updates for more information.

Adjunct & Visiting Lecturer Benefits

Adjuncts and Visiting Lecturers are eligible to receive contributions from the College towards health insurance premiums. Visiting Lecturers are entitled to fully paid benefits through the College. Adjunct faculty may either: elect coverage offered by the College and pay a portion of the premiums, or be reimbursed, up to the amount contributed by the College, for premiums paid for plans obtained elsewhere.

Adjunct faculty who wish to enroll in one of the plans or make changes to their current elections may obtain enrollment forms in the Human Resources Office, 1500 Spring Garden Street, 7th Floor or on the HR website under the adjunct/visiting lecturer link or by contacting Lolita Lukes at 215-751-8038. Those already enrolled in a medical plan at CCP who do not wish to make any changes, do not need to complete any paperwork at this time.

Participants enrolled in these plans must make payments through automatic ACH (Automatic Clearing House) deductions from a bank account. Checks and money orders are accepted ONLY to pay for an entire year. Premiums due for benefits earned during a semester are collected over the course of the semester, rather than on a per-month basis. Thus, you pay for six months of coverage over a four month period and a year of coverage over an eight month period. Deductions for premium payments will be made from participants’ bank accounts on the following dates: 09/10/21, 10/08/21, 11/05/21, 12/03/21, 01/07/22, 02/04/22, 03/04/22 and, 04/01/22 or 05/13/22 if newly enrolled in the Spring. Please Note: The September and January deductions may occur before adjunct/visiting lectures are paid for the Fall and Spring semesters, please budget accordingly.

New enrollees MUST include, with their enrollment forms, a check for the first payment due in September. Subsequent payments will be made through automatic deductions on the scheduled dates listed above, starting with the payment due in October.

Because rates change effective September 1, adjustments will be made each September to cover the difference between the payments made and the new rates in effect.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your work status in the Fall determines if you pay the pool rate or the full premium rate, for the September, October, November, and December payments. Your work status in the Spring determines the rate at which the January, February, March, and April payments are made. Persons who missed working at least one of those terms, but who work in the summer, will have their accounts credited accordingly, but will still experience a loss of some contributions. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP HEALTHNOW INFORMED OF CHANGES IN YOUR WORK STATUS.