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Implementing Guided Pathways

Implementing Guided Pathways at the College

As part of Community College of Philadelphia’s uncompromising focus on student success, the College is implementing a Guided Pathways reform. The Guided Pathways reform effort focuses on providing students with a highly structured experience. This experience is driven by providing students with academic pathways and clear program maps, an intake process that clarifies student goals and career direction, facilitates access into a program of study for students with developmental education needs and provides intentional advising coupled with progress tracking and individually-designed support.

While reform is not easy, it is now more than ever a necessity in a changing economic and accountability environment. Beyond this, it is an obligation that the College community must embrace to more fully realize a collective vision of improving student lives upon achievement of their goals. The Guided Pathways framework holds the most promise to achieve this vision.

The implementation of this model will require significant redesign. It will test long-established assumptions and traditional models of how students are served. It will require a hard look at the values and beliefs that are inherent in current practices, structure and systems. It will embrace what is working well and what needs to change guided by evidence-based practices. Through full-scale implementation of redesigned programs and support services, the College will set a new trajectory for greater student success guided by the continued and collective efforts of faculty, staff and students.

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Academic Pathways and Programs

How academic pathways will pave the road to student success

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Learn more about Guided Pathways from an overview of what we know thus far, to tips and tools, completion by design resources, and more.

A Closer Look at Guided Pathways

A Focus on Student Success

Read “Impact 2025,” the President’s vision statement, and learn more about Guided Pathways developments at the College.

News & Announcements

Student Success Team

Student Success Team: Collaboration at Community College of Philadelphia

Guided Pathways Implementation: Accomplishments and Next Steps

Clarify the Paths

Program Maps


  • Established seven academic pathways/clusters.
    • A framework of 7 Academic Pathway Communities has been implemented to ensure the strategic integration of activities related to student development, community service, co-curricular activities, and experiential learning within programs of study. Program faculty work with faculty and staff across multiple departments (including Enrollment Management, Advising, Library, Learning Lab, and Career Connections).

Course Offerings - Student Learning Outcomes

Use the table below to review the student learning outcomes for all of the College's course offerings.


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Transfer Data for Community College of Philadelphia Students: Academic Performance Measures and Transfer

Transfer Opportunities for Community College of Philadelphia Students: Transfer Agreements


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Guided Pathways Core Team

A College-wide group with stakeholders from diverse units has been formed to facilitate communication for the overall implementation of Guided Pathways at Community College of Philadelphia.

The Core Team will:

Leveraging Technology

How is the College using technology to fundamentally redesign advising and student support services? This type of reform—often known as integrated planning and advising for student success (iPASS)—is intended to touch all students throughout their educational careers.

Developmental Education

Implementing the Guided Pathways model at Community College of Philadelphia requires an integrative and college-wide emphasis on student success. Seventy percent of entering students place into at least one developmental course.  Research, both at the College and nationwide, has shown that students taking developmental courses are less likely to be retained and therefore graduate than students who enter directly into college-level courses.

Intake Process

A major component of the College’s Guided Pathways work is the revamping of the intake and onboarding processes. Changes have been implemented to impact the Spring 2019 admissions/registration cycle. Registration and orientation procedures have been redefined to allow for more effective dissemination of information to incoming new students.

Academic Pathways and Programs

Research has shown that students benefit from a more structured approach to their studies. For this, faculty review their programs to examine general education options, course sequencing, elective choices, etc. Commonalities across programs allow for programs to be configured into academic pathways. With academic pathways, programs often share common first and second semester courses; such pathways have been successfully implemented at many other institutions, including Queensborough Community College and Sinclair Community College.