Technology Plan

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Technology Planning Committee

The Technology Coordinating Committee (TCC) recommends College-wide guidelines and standards to be used by areas, departments and individuals in the development of plans for specific applications of computer-based technology in their area or discipline. Guidelines and standards will address the associated costs of necessary financial resources, use of facilities, professional development, hardware acquisition, technology support, etc.

The TCC will also develop a College-wide technology plan. Such a College-wide plan will include a set of prioritized goals for technology, and a set of steps for achieving them. Among the elements of such a plan will be recommendations for allocation of resources, made in accordance with college-wide guidelines and standards. Although a plan may include recommendations for new needs within the College, recommendations will also relate to new roles for existing departments and areas. The College-wide plan shall take into account Technology Implementation Plans developed by departments and areas.

2014-2015 TCC Members

Administrative Appointees

Delegates: Jody Bauer, Gary Bixby, Bill Bromley, S.K. Calkins, Arnold DiBlasi, Thomas DiCamillo, Ellen Fernberger, Susan Hauck, Samuel Hirsch, Jason Stein

Alternates: Rikki Bardzik, Allan Kobernick, Gim Lim, Peter Margolis, Aileen Rollins, Jocelyn Sirkis

Federation Appointees

Delegates: Eva Agbada, Frank Bartell, Heidi Braunschweig, Steven Davis, Sara Iepson, Fran Lukacik, Craig Nelson, Jess Rossi, Sean Sauer, Andi Sible

Alternates: Ed Baker Dawn Janich Steve Jones

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