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College Policies and Procedures

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College Policies and Procedures

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This website is an experimental step to provide College Policies and Procedures in an on-line format. Existing policies have been renumbered in a manner that allows the policies to be organized by topic area. The following classification system is used:

TitlePolicy Number Range
Student Records and Regulations
and Academic Standards Policies
1 to 100
Student Services Policies101 to 150
Facilities, Safety and Security Policies151 to 200
Financial Policies201 to 250
Human Resources Policies251 to 300
General Administration Policies301 to 350
Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policies
351 to 400

An index is provided which shows the old number and the new number. If a policy is no longer in effect, its status is shown as inactive. Only active policies are available on this web site. This web site is under construction and not all policies are yet available on-line. Policies not found on-line should be available in Policies and Procedures manuals located in most administrative offices.

Student Records and Regulations and Academic Standards Policies

Policy NumberTitleDate Implemented
1Auditing of Courses04/08/10
2Approval to Register for Credit Overload12/10/14
3Academic Integrity03/03/12
4Community College of Philadelphia Student Appeals Procedure for Academic and Disciplinary Matters02/28/14
5Attendance, Withdrawals, and Grade Reporting02/25/13
6Determining Eligibility for Graduation and Issuance of Diplomas04/08/10
7Credit by Examination12/16/13
8Academic Standards and Progress03/15/13
9Academic Honors12/02/99
10Academic and Time Amnesty11/24/13
11Protection of Pregnant Students From Ionizing Radiation12/02/99
12Policy on Transfer Credit09/24/12
13Adding Courses After Start of Term11/22/11
14Standards for Distance Education Courses06/10/15
15Involuntary Student Leave of Absence06/18/12
16Course Scheduling Preference For Veteran Students10/15/14
17Discontinuation of Degree and Academic Certificate Programs Policy05/27/19

Student Services Policies

Policy NumberTitleDate Implemented
102Board of Trustees Statement on Student Activities10/13/71
103AProcedures and Wage Rate for Employment of Students on a Part-Time Basis01/13/10
104Establishing Community College of Philadelphia Awards and Scholarships01/13/10
105Robert S. King Scholarship for High School Students12/13/13

Facilities and Security Policies

Policy NumberTitleDate Implemented
151Smoke-Free Campus Policy12/10/14
152Faculty and Staff Admittance to College Buildings and Facilities During Other Than Normal Working Hours09/25/00
153Policy Governing Use of College Facilities07/30/01
154Food or Drink in Classrooms, Laboratories, or Other Designated Areas01/16/84
155Sign-Out Procedure for Long-Term Audiovisual Equipment (303)05/08/89
156Presence of Minors (Dependents Under the Age of 18) On Campus02/27/14
157Parking Policy04/19/04
158Solicitation in Campus Facilities06/01/05
159Posting in College Facilities04/19/04
160College Identification Card Policy (311)01/26/10
161Statement of Acceptable Behavior for College Guests and Visitors07/29/10
162Child Abuse Reporting Policy11/26/14

Expressive Demonstration: Time, Place and Manner Policy


Anti-Hazing Policy


Financial Policies

Policy NumberTitleDate Implemented
201Open Market Purchasing07/01/14
202Purchases and Contracts Requiring Specific Board Authorization02/05/09
203Expenditure Approval Requirements07/01/14
204Petty Cash Usage12/10/14
205Disposal of College Property01/09/97
206Forgivable Loan Policy06/22/10
208Material Procurement Cut-Off Dates for College Operating and Capital Budgets05/12/09
209Tuition Charges - Community Services08/11/72
210Personal Automobile Mileage Reimbursement01/01/15
211Guidelines for the Use of Student Activities Fund03/17/11
212Conflict of Interest Policy04/09/85
213Contract Procedures and Authorized Signatures07/01/00
214Accounts Receivable Collection and Bad Debt Management Policy02/05/09
215Management of External Audits and Program Compliance Reviews06/17/02
216Inclusion of Diverse Suppliers and Philadelphia-Based Businesses in College Purchasing Activities11/01/12

Travel Authorization and Reimbursement 

 218Royalties and Other Compensations or Incentives Related to Selection of Course Materials5/2/2017
219Gift Card Policy12/12/2017


Policy on Inclusion on Digital Course Materials


Human Resources Policies

Policy NumberTitleDate Implemented
251Tuition Remission for Employees, Their Spouses, Domestic Partners and Children09/09/09
252Disclosure of Faculty Addresses and Phone Numbers12/02/69
253Leaves of Absence for Administrative Personnel for Military Duty10/22/73
254Accidents at Work04/08/71
256Documentation Required for Extended Illness01/04/73
259Preservation of Employment Records08/22/03
260Administrative Vacation and Other Leave Time Policy02/19/99
261Utilization of Temporary Agencies-Administrative and Classified Staff08/22/03
263Compensated Leave Program10/04/95

General Administration Policies

Policy NumberTitleDate Implemented
301Central Duplicating Operating & Reproduction Services10/02/00
302Campus Mail Procedures09/22/00
303Alcoholic Beverages Policy02/03/89
304Official Public and Special Holidays for the Fiscal Year Commencing July 1, 2012 through June 30, 201607/01/15
305Policy Governing the Use and Duplication of Software12/20/95
306Policy for Responsible Computing06/04/96
307Acceptable Use Policy for Interactive Systems03/26/12
308Operating Procedures for Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens11/17/08
309Hardware and Software Support Policies On-Campus11/29/01
310Drug-Free Workplace, Alcohol, and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Program03/01/06
311Right-to-Know Act01/05/09
312Identity Theft Detection and Prevention08/01/09
313Records Management and Retention Policy11/15/10
314WhistleBlower Policy05/09/07 
315Naming Policy03/02/17 
316Survey Policy02/14/19 

Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policies

Policy NumberTitleDate Implemented
353Disability Accommodations Policy08/16/07
354Disabled, Vietnam-Era and Other Eligible Veterans08/16/07
355Equal Employment Opportunity Policy04/26/10
356Religion and National Origin Policy08/16/07
357Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Policy9/10/2014
358Policy Against Sexual Misconduct5/23/2017
359Service Animal Policy8/25/2017
360Chosen Name Policy10/18/2017