Wellness Program

Your Wellness Matters Incentive Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2016–2017 Your Wellness Matters incentive program for all full-time employees of the College.

The College has offered many wellness programs in the last 10 years, but now employees can earn wellness points, incentive gifts and a grand prize for reaching 100 wellness points. The new program is made possible by a grant from the Innovation Fund. The goal is to promote wellness activities that center around changing important lifestyle behaviors that can prevent and/or mitigate the top three disease states: cancer, heart disease and diabetes. We are targeting healthy weight, regular exercise and smoking cessation. The CDC states 70 percent of all chronic diseases can be prevented, reversed and/or stabilized by adopting healthy lifestyle changes. Your wellness matters to the College, your family and your friends.

The basis of the program is to CHANGE your mindset to start making healthy choices, CREATE your own path to wellness and set goals, and PARTICIPATE—start your plan and reap the benefits.

Use the links to the left to learn about the Your Wellness Matters incentive program, including how to earn points and rewards, as well as information about wellness resources like weight management and smoking cessation.