Employment Verifications

CCP uses The Work Number as our vendor for providing employment and income verifications for all faculty and staff. The Work Number’s service allows private and government verifiers to obtain access to employment and income information in response to your request for a service or benefit. The Work Number data is updated directly from CCP on a biweekly basis.

Examples of verifiers include mortgage companies, property managers and leasing agencies. Government agencies include those which provide state or federal aid to qualified applicants, e.g.: Social Services, Social Security Administration, Family Services, Housing Authorities, Work Programs and Medicaid.

How Verifications Work - For Third Party Verifiers

Verifiers may contact the Work Number's Client Service Center at 1.800.367.5690 or theworknumber.com.

The turnaround time for the completion of employment and income verification requests is generally 24 to 48 hours.

CCP's Employer Code with the work number is 5130409

Please note: The College does not disclose probability of continued employment, probability of overtime or overloads, projected timing or amounts of future pay increases, or reasons for employee separation.

The Work Number Guide and FAQ for Employees

How Verifications Work - Employee-Generated Verifications

Employees have the ability to generate certain types of verification documents themselves. These include letters confirming employment or pay information, as well as Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

In order to do so, one must create an employee account at: https://employees.theworknumber.com referencing CCP's Employer Code, 5130409.

When generating PSLF documents, it is advised that the requesting employee does not edit any of the information while reviewing the letter, as doing so will void the signature and require a separate approval step.