Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Community College of Philadelphia offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides counseling services to faculty, staff and eligible family members.

  • Marriage, family and relationship challenges
  • Emotional, personal and stress-related concerns
  • Chemical dependency and substance abuse
  • Child care, parenting, and special needs
  • Health and wellness
  • Elder care

Contact the EAP

Phone: 1-800-437-0911 available 24/7

Visit the EAP Website and use Access Code KJC7Y

Carebridge Employee Brochure

eM Life

Community College of Philadelphia is pleased to announce an additional benefit from Carebridge, our EAP. Effectively immediately, this additional benefit entitles eligible employees and their immediate family members access to eM Life at no cost to you.

eM Life is an app and website that provides evidence-based mindfulness solutions to prevent and reduce mental health concerns such as compassion fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and addictive behavior. Benefits of practicing mindfulness include reduced levels of stress, better mood, increase in compassion, more resilience and calm in stressful situations, higher productivity and efficiency levels, and better quality of sleep.  

eM Life offers:

  • Live and interactive mindfulness sessions held multiple times every day, in various languages, by a diverse group of highly certified experts.
  • On-demand access to hundreds of hours of content across a wide range of topics like sleep, anxiety, performance, eating, parenting, leadership, financial stress, and more.
  • Video and audio-only experiences offered in 1-10+ minute single sessions or multi-episode series.
  • Immersive programs including Mindfulness at Work, QuitSmart™ Mindfully, and Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times.

 eM Life can be accessed by logging onto the website, www.myliferesource.com with Access Code:  KJC7Y

We do hope that you take advantage of this exciting new benefit.