Video and Other Services


Videotaping events at the College - including lectures, performances and speeches - generates video and audio acquisition, editing and distribution costs and MMS resources. In particular, staff is required for the acquisition, while editing and other resources are required for post-production and distribution. To accomplish these tasks, additional staff time often needs to be allocated.  In addition, after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends, this coverage involves overtime charges.  For this reason, MMS has the following policy:

  1. All videotaping will be performed by the MMS video production team unless otherwise approved by both MMS and the College at the Dean level or higher.
  2. Videotaping should be approved by a Dean or Director level administration.
  3. Use for the finished videotape must be identified in advance.

If costs are to be incurred due to overtime or special needs, the source of funding must be identified in advance of videotaping the event.

Other Related Services at the College

Photography, Graphic Design and Web Design

These services are available through the office of Marketing and Government Relations.

Printing and Duplicating

These services can be requested by logging in to MyCCP and using the duplicating request form.

College Announcements

The College announcements displayed on the Flat Screen Monitors are initiated by the Office of Student Life.