MMS Guidelines & Procedures

Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Large Auditorium – BG 20

The following guidelines and procedures are in place to maintain the security and safety of the environment of the auditorium and to comply with all College and public fire and safety codes.


  • All events to take place in the auditorium must be scheduled in advance through the Office of Marketing and Government Relations.
  • No event will be allowed to take place in the auditorium unless it has been scheduled in advance.
  • Multimedia Services staff will be assigned for all scheduled events in the auditorium.  The necessary technical qualifications and number of technicians will be determined by Multimedia Services (MMS). 
  • MMS equipment and technical needs must be reserved at least 1 week prior to the use of the auditorium. It is not possible to honor last minute requests.
  • No classes are to be scheduled for regular class meeting times in the auditorium.
  • The Communication Arts curriculum’s theater production will have access to the auditorium two weeks prior to and the week during the performance of the play, barring any unforeseen circumstances. This will normally occur from the 9th through the 11th week of any given semester. Set assembly and other dedicated work on the stage will only occur during the 2 week period before the production.
  • The Music Department may schedule use of the auditorium for one rehearsal before any performance/festival barring any unforeseen circumstance.


  • Food or beverage consumption is not permitted in the Auditorium.
  • Only Multimedia Services staff is authorized to operate College equipment in the auditorium including but not limited to the audio, lighting, projector and projection screen controls.
  • Internal and external stage and production crew members including students are expected to comply with appropriate safety standards including wearing safety glasses for construction and harnesses for lighting and rigging.
  • No modifications to lights or other technical or mechanical devices are permitted without approval and supervision from Multimedia Services staff.
  • There will be no construction or set building on the stage.  All sets must be created off the stage for assembly on stage.  Assembly of sets on the stage cannot include cutting and sawing materials on stage.
  • Users are expected to return the Auditorium to the condition prior to their use, removing materials and sets immediately after they have completed the use of the area.
  • Any issues or concerns noted about the facility must be reported to the MMS staff immediately.
  • Users are responsible for all damage to property or equipment that occurs during their use of the Auditorium