College Event Support

Events held on campus that utilize Multimedia services generate costs.  MMS will inform requesters about costs that may be incurred.

Event Spaces

These spaces include but are not limited to:

  • The Auditorium
    Auditorium Stage

Use of the Auditorium always requires the support of at least one MMS person. The auditorium must never be left unsupervised because of safety and security concerns.  After 4:30pm and on weekends, this coverage involves overtime charges for MMS staff. For more information, view the Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Large Auditorium - BG 10.

  • The Great Hall (S2-19) 
    Great Hall
  • The Pavilion Cube

    Pavilion Cube
  • The CBI conference and meeting rooms
    C2-5 Event

    C2-28 Conference Room
  • Winnet Coffee House. 

If costs are to be incurred due to overtime or other special needs, the source of funding needs to be identified in advance of booking the space.  Events must be approved (sponsored) by a Dean or Director level administrator and the College event schedulers need to be notified about the approval when scheduling the event.  

Events that are not sponsored must be scheduled through the Division of Marketing and Government Relations.  Associated costs will be managed through Marketing and Government Relations.   

Event Support

Charges may apply, as outlined above.

Equipment – (may require staff support)

  • Audio systems
  • Projectors
  • Computers
  • Screens


  • Video I-Mag.  Live projection of speaker during presentation– (requires Dean approval)
  • Video Capture – (requires Dean approval)
  • Webinar (requires Dean approval)

Staff Support

  • Audio technician
  • Lighting technician – Requires outside staffing
  • Video technician
  • Multimedia generalist technician
  • Video Production Unit
  • Event Technical Consultant