Faculty Accessibility Resources

As faculty members, it is our role to ensure all materials created meet the accessibility guidelines and our work is not in violation of the laws and policies granting open access to all. 

Please review the following pages and training materials to create accessible documents and learning materials. 

ADA Accessibility Checklist  Canvas LMS Accessibility Tips

Quick Tip - Is this accessible?

Accessibility is dependent on numerous criteria and not anyone document is truly accessible by-itself. 

The order of accessibility is:

  • HTML (web page)
  • Rich text format
  • PDF document from text editor (with accessibility checker)
  • Third-party tools (Word Excel, PowerPoint, video, etc)

It is best practice to provide all learning material in a native HTML page (Canvas Page or other). If using handouts or files, a propper formatted PDF is the next choice. Native MS Word documents or other software formats can be accessible but the end-user will need that 3rd party tool to view the document which could be an additional cost or not available for the device the user has.