COVID-19 Campus Update

The College is currently closed, and remote instruction and work continue while Philadelphia remains under a stay-at-home order. All courses for the Summer I and II terms will be held online while student services and support are available remotely. Visit the College’s Virtual Student Resource Center to access the assistance that you need. Adequate notice will be shared with students, staff and faculty once a re-opening date is established. 

About Academic and Student Success

Department Heads and Program Contacts

Division of Academic and Student Success

Dr. Samuel Hirsch, Vice President for Academic and Student Success, Ext. 8160 (M2-37)
Dr. Jennifer Roberts, Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Success, Ext. 5996 (W4-5G)
Ms. Bridget Scott, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Ext. 8160 (M2-37)

Division of Business and Technology – B2-22

Dr. Pam Carter, Dean, Ext. 8413 (B2-22I)
Ms. Arielle Norment, Assistant Dean, Ext. 6078 (B2-22D)
Ms. Denise Quinn, Technical Craft Specialist, Ext. 8413 (B2-22)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Computer TechnologiesMr. Robert Spencer C3-1D8249
   Computer Information Systems-IT

Mr. Robert Spencer



   Computer Science Mr. Michael HackettC3-1Q8734
   CybersecurityMr. Robert SpencerC3-1D8249
   Network Tech Mgmt and AdminMr. Robert SpencerC3-1D8249
   Web Development P.C.'sMr. Laurence LissC3-1Z6149
Business AdministrationMr. Richard Saxton B2-22B8735
   AccountingMs. Ruqayyah ArchieB2-22C8056
   Automotive Technology Mr. Daniel ReedWERC267.299.
   Business-AcceleratedMs. Ruqayyah ArchieB2-22C8056
   Business-General Mr. Mark BambachB2-22A8873

   Business Leadership

Mr. Richard SaxtonB2-22B8735

   Corporate Social Responsibility P.C.

Ms. Linda KnappB2-038699

   Culinary Arts

Dr. Lynsey MadisonP2-146274
   EntrepreneurshipMs. Linda KnappB2-038699
   Fashion Merchandising & MarketingMs. Kristen AinscoeB2-22E8717
   Technical StudiesMr. Richard SaxtonB2-22B8735
   Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDr. Lynsey MadisonP2-146274
Division of Math, Science and Health Careers – W1-1

Dr. Mary Anne Celenza, Dean, Ext. 8437 (W1-1J)
Dr. Andrenna Gibson, Assistant Dean, Math, Science and Health Careers, Ext. 8307 (W1-1L)
Ms. Margaret Starr, Technical Craft Specialist, Ext. 8431 (W1-1K)
Ms. Yvonne Foster, Technical Craft Specialist, (215)751.8438 (outside CCP) or Ext. 5250 (in-house) (W1-1)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Culture, Science and Technology Ms. Laura DavidsonW1-1Q8534
Allied HealthMs. Deborah Rossi W1-1T8947
   Dental Studies Ms. Theresa GradyW1-1D8927
   Diagnostic Medical Imaging Ms. Rebecca PetersonW1-1E8424
   Health Care Studies Ms. Laura DavidsonW1-1Q8534
   Health Services Management Ms. Fran LukacikW2-278962
   Medical Laboratory TechMs. Ekaterina MashkinaW1-1C8511
   Respiratory Care Tech Ms. Lisa FieldingW1-1F8801
   Proficiency Certificates Ms. Deborah RossiW1-1T8947
BiologyDr. Linda Powell W1-1A8554

Dr. Stewart Avart

Dr. Mark Piazza





   Biomedical Technician Dr. Dominic SalernoNERC - 301E215.972.6359

Dr. Edward Miskiel

Foundational MathematicsDr. Gayle Dixon W1-1M267.299.
MathematicsMr. Brenton Webber W1-1G8792
   Mathematics Dr. Atish BagchiB2-28G8943
NursingDr. Barbara McLaughlin W1-1Z8853
PhysicsDr. David Cattell W4-338417
   Engineering Dr. Alex GontarW4-328609
   Applied Science & Engineering Tech Ms. Linda GerzW4-368623
   Biomedical Equipment Technology Mr. Randy LibrosW4-318583
Division of Liberal Studies – BR-21

Dr. Chae Sweet, Dean, Ext. 8450 (BR-21I)
Ms. Kristi Bergman, Assistant Dean, Liberal Studies, Ext. 8930 (BR-21J)
Ms. Nichole Battle-Walker, Technical Craft Specialist, Ext. 8768 (BR-21)
Ms. Rosetta Robinson, Administrative Support Specialist, Ext. 8770 (BR-21H)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Architecture, Design and ConstructionMr. David BertramW2-1F8860
   Architecture and Interior Design Ms. Elizabeth Masters
   Building Science Mr. David BertramW2-1F8860
   Computer Assisted Design Tech Mr. David BertramW2-1F8860
   Construction Management Mr. David BertramW2-1F8860
   Facilities Management Ms. Paula BehrensM2-288926
ArtDr. Sarah Iepson BR-21C8772
EnglishDr. Myla Morris-Skeiker BR-21B8867
   Associate Chair

Ms. Paula White

   Communication Mr. David RaskinB2-078695
   Creative Writing Certificate Dr. Jeff MarkovitzBR-47K8954
   English Degree Dr. Nick MoudryBR-168608
   Mass Media Mr. David RaskinB2-078695
   Theater Ms. Kirsten QuinnB2-28J8495
Foreign LanguagesMr. Massimo Musumeci BR-23A8630
   International Studies Curriculum Dr. Mak KhanBR-78651
History, Philosophy and Religious StudiesMr. Osvil Acosta- Morales BR-21G8655
   Black StudiesMs. Debonair Oates-PrimusBR-47B8670
   Liberal Arts Curriculum Mr. John JoyceB1-68687
   Liberal Arts: Honors Option Mr. Brian SeymourM2-32F8802
   Religious Studies Mr. David PrejsnarBR-25A8644
MusicMr. Paul Geissinger M2-118915
Photographic ImagingMr. Jon Spielberg B1-09F8319
   Digital Video Production Mr. Jon SpielbergB1-09F8319
Psychology, Education and Human ServicesMr. Brian Morrison BR-21F8448
   ASL/English Interpreting Mr. Jeffrey CarrollBR-44J 
   Behavioral Health/Human Services Ms. Lorraine BarberBR-25G8446
   Education Dr. Amy SaiaW1-15A8839
   Psychology Dr. Davido DupreeW3-098567
Social ScienceMr. William Love BR-21D8598
   Digital Forensics Mr. William LoveBR-21D 8598
   Fire Science 

Mr. Richard Davison

   GIS Ms. Deirdre Garrity BenjaminB1-028343
   Justice Ms. Elizabeth CanaparyBR-328335
   Paralegal Studies Ms. Elizabeth CanaparyBR-328335
Division of Educational Support Services – W2-08

Dr. Joan Bush, Dean, Ext. 8384  (W2-08G)
Ms. Debbie Polekoff, Administrative Support Specialist, Ext. 8551 (W2-08H)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Learning Labs and SACC (Student Academic Computing Center)Ms. Anna Seixas B2-338484
LibraryMr. Michael Krasulski L1-038397
Academic AdvisingMr. Jason Roscoe BG-12L267.414.2072
Division of Student Development - S1-10

Mr. David Asencio, Dean of Students, Ext. 8876 (S1-10)
Mr. Richard Kopp, Assistant Dean of Students, Ext. 8882 (S1-19)
Ms. Juanita Henry, Office Administrative Associate, Ext. 8161 (S1-10)
Ms. Bernadette McCottry, Office Administrative Associate, Ext. 8210 (S1-19)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
CounselingDr. Carmen Colon BG-078167

Update: December 16, 2019