About Academic and Student Success

Department Heads and Program Contacts

Division of Academic and Student Success

Dr. Samuel Hirsch, Vice President for Academic and Student Success, Ext. 8160 (M2-37)
Dr. Jennifer Roberts, Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Success, Ext. 5996 (W4-5G)
Ms. Bridget Scott, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Ext. 8160 (M2-37)

Division of Business and Technology – B2-22

Dr. Pam Carter, Dean, Ext. 8413 (B2-22I)
Ms. Arielle Norment, Assistant Dean, Ext. 6078 (B2-22D)
Ms. Denise Quinn, Technical Craft Specialist, Ext. 8413 (B2-22)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Computer Technologies Mr. Robert Spencer   C3-1D 8249
   Computer Information Systems-IT

Mr. Michael Hackett

Mr. Laurence Liss





   Computer Science   Mr. Michael Hackett C3-1Q 8734
   Cybersecurity Dr. Berna Dike-Anyiam C3-1H 6139
   Network Tech Mgmt and Admin Mr. Robert Spencer C3-1D 8249
   Web Technologies P.C.'s Mr. Laurence Liss C3-1Z 6149
Business Administration Mr. Richard Saxton   B2-22B 8735
   Accounting Ms. Ruqayyah Archie B2-22C 8056
   Automotive Technology   Mr. Daniel Reed WERC 267.299.
   Business-Accelerated Ms. Ruqayyah Archie B2-22C 8056
   Business-General   Mr. Mark Bambach B2-22A 8873

   Business Leadership

Mr. Richard Saxton B2-22B 8735

   Corporate Social Responsibility P.C.

Ms. Linda Knapp B2-03 8699

   Culinary Arts

Dr. Lynsey Madison P2-14 6274
   Entrepreneurship Ms. Linda Knapp B2-03 8699
   Fashion Merchandising & Marketing Ms. Kristen Ainscoe B2-22E 8414
   Technical Studies Mr. Richard Saxton B2-22B 8735
   Tourism & Hospitality Management Dr. Lynsey Madison P2-14 6274
Division of Math, Science and Health Careers – W1-1

Dr. Mary Anne Celenza, Dean, Ext. 8437 (W1-1J)
Dr. Andrenna Gibson, Assistant Dean, Math, Science and Health Careers, Ext. 8307 (W1-1L)
Ms. Margaret Starr, Technical Craft Specialist, Ext. 8431 (W1-1K)
Ms. Yvonne Foster, Technical Craft Specialist, (215)751.8438 (outside CCP) or Ext. 5250 (in-house) (W1-1)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Culture, Science and Technology   Ms. Laura Davidson W1-1Q 8534
Allied Health Ms. Deborah Rossi   W1-1T 8947
   Dental Studies   Ms. Theresa Grady W1-1D 8927
   Diagnostic Medical Imaging   Ms. Rebecca Peterson W1-1E 8424
   Health Care Studies   Ms. Laura Davidson W1-1Q 8534
   Health Services Management   Ms. Fran Lukacik W2-27 8962
   Medical Laboratory Tech Ms. Ekaterina Mashkina W1-1C 8511
   Respiratory Care Tech   Ms. Lisa Fielding W1-1F 8801
   Proficiency Certificates   Ms. Deborah Rossi W1-1T 8947
Biology Dr. Linda Powell   W1-1A 8554

Dr. Stewart Avart

Dr. Mark Piazza





   Biomedical Technician   Dr. Dominic Salerno NERC - 301E 215.972.6359

Dr. Edward Miskiel

  W4-34 267.299.5983
Foundational Mathematics Dr. Gayle Dixon   W1-1M 267.299.
Mathematics Mr. Brenton Webber   W1-1G 8792
   Mathematics   Dr. Atish Bagchi B2-28G 8943
Nursing Dr. Barbara McLaughlin   W1-1Z 8853
Physics Dr. David Cattell   W4-33 8417
   Engineering   Dr. Alex Gontar W4-32 8609
   Applied Science & Engineering Tech   Ms. Linda Gerz W4-36 8623
   Biomedical Equipment Technology   Mr. Randy Libros W4-31 8583
Division of Liberal Studies – BR-21

Dr. Chae Sweet, Dean, Ext. 8450 (BR-21I)
Ms. Kristi Bergman, Assistant Dean, Liberal Studies, Ext. 8930 (BR-21J)
Ms. Nichole Battle-Walker, Technical Craft Specialist, Ext. 8768 (BR-21)
Ms. Rosetta Robinson, Administrative Support Specialist, Ext. 8770 (BR-21H)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Architecture, Design and Construction Mr. David Bertram W2-1F 8860
   Architecture and Interior Design   Ms. Elizabeth Masters
   Building Science   Dr. Miles Grosbard M2-30 8612
   Computer Assisted Design Tech   Mr. David Bertram W2-1F 8860
   Construction Management   Mr. David Bertram W2-1F 8860
   Facilities Management   Ms. Paula Behrens M2-28 8926
Art Dr. Sarah Iepson   BR-21C 8772
English Dr. Myla Morris-Skeiker   BR-21B 8867
   Associate Chair

Ms. Paula White

Acting Department Head for September/October

  BR-21A 8490
   Communication   Mr. David Raskin B2-07 8695
   Creative Writing Certificate   Mr. Jeff Markovitz BR-47K 8954
   English Degree   Dr. Nick Moudry BR-16 8608
   Mass Media   Mr. David Raskin B2-07 8695
   Theater   Ms. Kirsten Quinn B2-28J 8495
Foreign Languages Mr. Massimo Musumeci   BR-23A 8630
   International Studies Curriculum   Dr. Mak Khan BR-7 8651
History, Philosophy and Religious Studies Mr. Osvil Acosta- Morales   BR-21G 8655
   Black Studies Ms. Debonair Oates-Primus BR-47B 8670
   Liberal Arts Curriculum   Dr. Faye Allard W3-16 8560
   Liberal Arts: Honors Option   Mr. Brian Seymour M2-32F 8802
   Religious Studies   Mr. David Prejsnar BR-25A 8644
Music Mr. Paul Geissinger   M2-11 8915
Photographic Imaging Mr. Jon Spielberg   B1-09F 8319
   Digital Video Production   Mr. Jon Spielberg B1-09F 8319
Psychology, Education and Human Services Mr. Brian Morrison   BR-21F 8448
   ASL/English Interpreting   Mr. Jeffrey Carroll BR-44J  
   Behavioral Health/Human Services   Ms. Lorraine Barber BR-25G 8446
   Education   Dr. Amy Saia W1-15A 8839
   Psychology   Dr. Davido Dupree W3-09 8567
Social Science Mr. William Love   BR-21D 8598
   Digital Forensics   Mr. William Love BR-21D  8598
   Fire Science  

Mr. Richard Davison rdavison@ccp.edu

   GIS   Ms. Deirdre Garrity Benjamin B1-02 8343
   Justice   Ms. Elizabeth Canapary BR-32 8335
   Paralegal Studies   Ms. Elizabeth Canapary BR-32 8335
Division of Educational Support Services – L1-09

Dr. Joan Bush, Dean, Ext. 8384  (L1-09C)
Ms. Debbie Polekoff, Administrative Support Specialist, Ext. 8551 (L1-09B)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Learning Labs and SACC (Student Academic Computing Center) Ms. Anna Seixas   L1-09K 8484
Library Mr. Michael Krasulski   L1-03 8397
Academic Advising Mr. Jason Roscoe   BG-12L 267.414.2072
Division of Student Development - S1-10

Mr. David Asencio, Dean of Students, Ext. 8876 (S1-10)
Mr. Richard Kopp, Assistant Dean of Students, Ext. 8882 (S1-10)
Ms. Juanita Henry, Office Administrative Associate, Ext. 8161 (S1-10)
Ms. Bernadette McCottry, Office Administrative Associate, Ext. 8210 (S1-10)

Department/ProgramDepartment HeadProgram ContactOfficeExt.
Counseling Dr. Carmen Colon   BG-07 8167

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