Resources for the Flag-Clearing Team: Success Coaches, Administrators, Librarians, Advisors and Counselors

The Role of Success Coaches, Administrators, Librarians, Advisors, and Counselors Assisting Students after Flags are Raised (Flag-clearing team)

Members of the flag-clearing team

  • Monitor flags raised in Starfish and/or check students' Starfish Record for raised flags
  • Discuss the flags with students and make suggestions for actions needed to get back on track
  • Document the outreach to students 
  • Document the outcome of the outreach to students (had contact with students or did not have contact with students)

How do Students Know that a Flag has been Raised?

Students will receive an email for each raised flag.  To view the email templates that students are sent, click here.  Students can also view flags and kudos on their Starfish Dashboard.

When are Flags Raised?

Most flags are raised by faculty via Progress Surveys. Progress Surveys are electronic forms available to instructors at the 20% and 50% points of the term.  Progress Surveys can be submitted during a two-week period for each part-of-term. Click here to view the Progress Survey dates for the current term.