About the Office of Curriculum Development


Amy A. Birge

Amy A. Birge is Coordinator of Curriculum Development for the College and Associate Professor of English. She has been at the College since 2003 and worked for seven years as a CFT. Prior to 2003, she taught at several colleges and universities, including Temple University, University of North Texas, and Collin County Community College. She earned a PhD in English with a specialty in early African American literature from University of North Texas.

Office: W4-05E
Ext. 8334

Cynthia Giddle

Cynthia Giddle is Associate Professor of English and Humanities. She has been at the College since 1993 and worked for 18 years on the CFT. She taught full-time at Marquette University and, as a visiting lecturer, at the University of Pennsylvania. She is ABD in the English Department at Penn, where she earned an MA, and did postgraduate work at the University of Edinburgh, after earning an AB from Princeton University.

Office: BR-41
Ext. 8344

Francesca DiRosa

Francesca DiRosa is an Assistant Professor in the Behavioral Health and Human Services curriculum. She has had a long professional career at the College, beginning in 1981 as a professional Interpreter for the Deaf and, subsequently, serving in various administrative positions within the College, such as Assistant to the Dean of Educational Support Services, Assistant Director of Admissions, Director of the Center On Disability for 17 years, and Coordinator of Math Science and Health Careers. Prior to holding her full-time faculty position, Francesca taught part-time at the College and worked extensively on course and curriculum development and assessment initiatives. She earned her PhD in Educational Psychology from Temple University and holds a BA and MS. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Office: W3-8
Ext. 8568

Faye Allard

Faye Allard is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Community College of Philadelphia. She has been at the College since 2014 and has worked as a CFT since 2016. Prior to working at Community College of Philadelphia, she held full time positions at Montclair State University and Union County College. She earned her PhD in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania and her B.A. in Human Sciences from Oxford University. Her primary areas of research and expertise are U.S. race and ethnic relations and education.

Office: W3-16
Ext: 8560