Human Resources offers a wide variety of training and development workshops and learning opportunities for both faculty and staff, designed to enhance personal and professional development. Whether you are seeking skills training, personal exploration and development, ways to maximize your team's potential, or strengthen supervisory skills, programs are available to suit your needs.

For Managers

This 9-step Management Training Program is intended for managers and supervisors, and provides both theoretical and practical knowledge concerning supervising staff in a higher education context.

Online Training & Development

LearnU and Skillsoft eLearning provide convenient learning and development options.

General Training Offerings

Training options include workshops on navigating change and planning for retirement.

Lunch & Learn 

Lunch & Learns are a quick and easy way to learn.

On-Request Training

HR can provide you with personalized training opportunities on particular subject areas, targeted and offered to your department. We will work with you to develop curriculum, deliver programming, or identify a trainer who can meet your specific needs.