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Enterprise Software


AppWorx Corporation is a leading provider of innovative enterprise scheduling products that have automated application business processes, improved efficiency, and significantly reduced IT operating expenses for over 400 corporations worldwide.  AppWorx complements the internal Banner Job Submission by centrally managing and automating ad hoc and scheduled jobs in university administrative offices such as Admissions, Financial Aid, and Registration.


The CS Gold campus ID card system from CBORD sets a high standard for integrated ID card software. The powerful, modular campus ID card system integrates seemingly disparate auxiliary services with ease. Its wide range of integrated applications, flexible architecture, powerful data exchanges, and intuitive GUI place CS Gold securely atop the most robust ID card software systems available today.


A document enhancement and management solution that puts the design and electronic delivery of output in your hands. 


A payment processing solution enhances and streamlines disbursements for Accounts Payable, Payroll, Student Refund checks and Direct Deposit Advices.

Banner Document Imaging System (BDMS)

A content management system like BDMS is designed to fill in gaps between your related processes, applications and departments. A system which allows you to:

- capture documents in any format – including paper, e-mail, mainframe reports and e-forms.
- manage content according to your organization’s business rules and gauge the health of processes in real-time.
- store, organize and track your content so documents are there when you need them.
- deliver documents as soon as they’re needed so processes run fast and costs stay low.
- preserve and protect your documents so you meet and stay in compliance with internal and external standards.

25Live (CollegeNet)

Campus-wide Class & Event Management - The 25Live® Class and Event Management System makes it easy for you to schedule and manage academic and nonacademic events, from simple, one-time meetings to those with complex, multi-occurrence time patterns. 25Live® includes the easy-to-use, web-based publishing system, which provides rich capabilities for posting events on campus web pages and portals.

Ellucian – Banner

Ellucian Banner is an administrative software application developed specifically for higher education. Banner maintains college administration information such as student, financial and personnel data. Banner is the world’s most widely used collegiate administrative suite of student, financial aid, finance, human resources.  It is a tightly integrated suite of proven, scalable, enterprise-wide applications on a single database, designed to support institutions of all sizes and types. Banner runs on the Oracle RDBMS.

Looking Glass portal - http//

LookingGlass is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal platform designed to provide access to online services using single sign-on convenience. With full integration to our enterprise applications (Banner, Starfish, etc…), an easy to use web content management system and a simple QuickLaunch navigation panel.

Kryptos MyCCP Mobile app

The College’s Mobile App platform; Kryptos Mobile allows ITS to build mobile applications and native mobile applications for all major platforms. All end users can view native apps on Android®, mobile apps on Windows® Phone, access the mobile app builder on iPhone®, and then use all features cross-platform.

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