Autodesk/ Autocad

Account Creation

  1.  Open your web browser and go to link: (Google Chrome was used for this documentation)
    Create Account
  3. Select your Country "United States"
  4. Select your Educational Role "Student or Educator"
  5. Select your Institutional Type "University/Post-Secondary"
  6. Enter your Date of Birth
  7. Click "Next"
    Enter in your details
  8. Enter your First and Last name
  9. Enter your "CCP" email address (You must use your CCP.EDU email address)
  10. Confirm your "CCP" email address
  11. Select a password for your Autodesk Account
  12. Check the box to agree to the "AutoDesk Terms of Use"
  13. Click Create Account
    create account
  14. AutoDesk will send an email to your CCP email account for verification.
  15. Close your Browser
  16. Reopen your browser.
  17. Login to your CCP email account.
  18. Locate the "Verify your Autodesk Account" email.
  19. Click the "VERIFY EMAIL" link in your email
    email verification
  20. Verify your CCP email address is correct and click "Next". Enter your password you created and click "SIGN IN"
  21. Click Done then close your web browser
  22. Go to Link:
  23. Click "SIGN IN"
    Sign in
  24. Enter your email address and click "Next". Enter your password and click "SIGN IN"
  25. Enter the Name of the educational institution "Community College of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)" Select the option when presented. Choose your "Area of Study" Select your "Enrolled from and Graduate in" dates. (These dates do not have to be accurate" Click "Next"
    Finish set up

Downloading and Licensing

  1. Select the "Version" of AutoCAD (See your Instructor for the correct version)
  2. Select your "Operating System" (Recommended "Windows 64-bit")\
  3. Select your Language "English"
  4. Copy and paste your "Serial Number" and "Product Key" or write it down. "YOU WILL NEED THIS"
  5. Click "INSTALL NOW"
    Choose software version
  6. Click "I Accept" to the Terms and Agreement
  7. Click "Install"
    Accept and install
  8. The Autodesk installer will download.
  9. Click the installer to start the AutoDesk installer
    Download installer
  10. Click "Install on this computer"
  11. Click "Install"
    click install
    install button
  12. The Autodesk installer will start to download. This could take up to 2 hours depending on your internet connection.
  13. When the install is completed. Click "Launch Now"
    launch now
  14. Autodesk will auto launch and activate.
  15. If prompted enter your Autodesk Serial number and Product Key.