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Facts & Stats

Below is a directory of interactive Tableau dashboards provided by the Office of Institutional Research. Clicking on an image will direct you to the dashboard on IR's Tableau Public page in a new window. If you have any questions about the content of a dashboard, or would like to report a technical issue, please contact the office. 

Enrollment Dashboards

Credit Enrollment

View enrollment over time by many different demographic and academic characteristics

Credit Headcount by Campus

 View counts of students over time, by campus (incl. distance)

Annual Credit and Noncredit Headcount


View credit and non-credit student headcounts over time, by academic year


Graduation Dashboards

Graduate Dashboard


View counts of graduates and degrees awarded over time by major, division, degree type, and more

Graduate Profile


View employment and post-CCP activity, as reported via the CCP Graduate Survey


Academic Outcomes Dashboards

Grade Distribution

View course-level grade distributions by term

Academic Performance Measures

View several outcome measures over time, by program

Post-CCP Transfer


View post-CCP transfer activity for first-time cohorts by program and many other variables


Student Life and Other Dashboards

Snack Rack (Food Pantry) Traffic

View data related to usage of CCP's Snack Rack (Food Pantry)

Recent High School Graduates


View counts of Philadelphia High School graduates attending CCP, by High School

Student Satisfaction

View data related to student satisfaction of campus services, as reported via the CCP Graduate Survey

CCP Cares Dashboard

View requests made to the CCP Cares program over time