Middle States Accreditation

In Spring 2014 the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) approved new accreditation standards. Seven Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation replace the standards that the College used in its 2004 and 2014 self-studies.

Seven Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation

During spring 2017, the first 15 institutions were evaluated on the new standards. They provided feedback to MSCHE about the new requirements and agreed to be helpful to other institutions moving forward. New processes and cycles also became effective Fall 2016. In adherence with these new processes, CCP has submitted Annual Institutional Updates (AIU) and participated in Mid-Point Peer Reviews (MPPR).

The Office of Assessment and Evaluation has been working with programs to create course- and program-level assessment practices that will ensure the smooth transfer of data from the program level to the peer review and self-study. In fall 2020, the College began the self-study process in preparation for a spring 2023 Middle States team visit. For more information, or to learn how to get involved, please contact the Steering Committee co-chairs at MSCHEselfstudy@ccp.edu.

The Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation will make demonstrating the College's effectiveness and impact more intuitive. 

Self-Study Institutional Priorities 

  1. Commitment to Teaching and Learning: Ensure students are challenged by intellectually rigorous teaching and learning techniques inside and outside the classroom leading to high academic standards through a culture focused on assessment of student learning outcomes and continuous professional development of faculty.  
  2. Diversity/Equity/Inclusion: Ensure that policies and practices across the College promote diversity/equity/inclusion, by closing equity gaps; increasing the percentage of historically underrepresented and other diverse faculty and staff; and infusing DEI throughout curricula. 
  3. Student Experience: Increase academic and student development opportunities by integrating student life offerings along with robust student and academic supports, including intentional advising coupled with progress tracking and individually-designed support. 
  4. Student Success: Increase student success by continuing to apply and expand guided pathways reform across the College, per the Strategic Plan’s pillar of “Student Experience.” 
  5. Workforce Development, Readiness, Economic InnovationPromote the College as a leading provider of workforce and economic development solutions and corporate training in the region by delivering high quality training and instruction that enables clients to grow, succeed and stay ahead of industry needs.  

Middle States Self-Study Design

Community College of Philadelphia's April 2021 Middle States Self-Study Design

CCP's Accreditation History