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Steering Committee

Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Dr. Sesime Adanu, Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectivenes

Leila Lawrence, J.D., Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Title IX Coordinator

Danielle Liautaud-Watkins, J.D., Special Assistant to the President

Dr. Stephanie Scordia, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English

Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee 

  • Steering Committee Co-chairs
    • Dr. Sesime Adanu, Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
    • Leila Lawrence, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Title IX Coordinator
    • Danielle Liautaud-Watkins, J.D., Special Assistant to the President
    • Dr. Stephanie Scordia, Faculty/English
  • Steering Committee Membership
    • Dr. Joan Bush, Dean, Educational Support Service
    • Richard Kopp, Acting Dean of Students
    • Arielle Norment, Acting Dean, Division of Business and Technology
    • Dr. Karen Rege, Dean of Online Learning and Media Services
    • Dr. Vishal Shah, Dean, Division of Math, Science, and Health Careers
    • Dr. Chae Sweet, Dean, Division of Liberal Studies
    • Patrick Clancy, Board of Trustees representative
    • Ramon Gonzalez-Charlestream and Iletou Ehinnou, PTK Honors Society officers and student representatives
    • Kendall Stephens, alum (Class of 2020)


  • Dr. Donald Guy Generals, President
  • Carol de Fries, VP-Workforce and Economic Innovation
  • Jacob Eapen, VP-Business and Finance and Treasurer
  • Dr. David Thomas, VP-Strategic Initiatives
  • Dr. Alycia Marshall, VP-Academic and Student Success
  • Dr. Shannon McLaughlin Rooney, VP-Enrollment Management and Strategic Communications
  • Mikecia Witherspoon, Government Relations Officer
  • Dr. Mellissia Zanjani, VP-Institutional Advancement and Executive Director, Community College of Philadelphia Foundation
  • Victoria Zellers, General Counsel


  • Kelly Bova, College Council
  • Loretta Masciantonio, Finance
  • Theresa Payne, Academic and Student Success
  • Candice Rivera, President’s Office
  • Josephine DiGregorio, President’s Office

WG 1: Standard I (Mission & Goals) and Standard VII (Governance, Leadership & Administration)


  • Dr. Molly O'Connor, Faculty/Chemistry
  • Sarah Maguire, Executive Director, Division of Access and Community


Committee Members:

  • Melissa Altman-Traub, Faculty, Dietetics and Allied Health
  • Nicole Duncan-Kinard, Faculty, Library
  • Rogers Glispy, Director, Athletics
  • Sandra Gonzalez-Torres, Director, Articulation and Transfer
  • Stephanie Graves, Faculty, Advising
  • Chris Hess, Coordinator, Power Up Your Business & Center for Small Business Education, Growth and Training
  • Randy Merced, Director, Public Safety 
  • Natalie Price, Administrative Specialist, Institutional Advancement 
  • Dr. Jocelyn Sirkis, Faculty, Business Leadership
  • Seve Torres, Faculty, English
  • Dr. Joel Tannenbaum, Faculty, History and Philosophy
  • Kelvin Veale, Academic Technology Specialist, Online Learning and Media Services

WG 2:  Standard II (Ethics and integrity)


  • Dr. Calion Lockridge, Faculty/Behavioral Science
  • Qurana Moody, Marketing Specialist, Media and Public Relations 

Committee Members:

  • Peggy Dugan, Director, Corporate Solutions Business Development
  • Jessica Hurst, Associate General Counsel
  • Robert Lucas, Internal Auditor
  • David Prejsnar, Faculty, Religious Studies
  • Patrick Robinson, Lead Support Coach, Center for Male Engagement 
  • David Solomon, Assistant General Counsel
  • Vincent Scarfo, Coordinator, Marc David LGBTQ Center

WG 3: Standard III (Design & Delivery of the Student Learning Experience)


  • Dr. Amy Birge-Caracappa, Faculty/English and Curriculum Development 
  • Charletha Porter, Associate Director, Academic Records

Committee Members:

  • Suzanne Felix, Coordinator, Corporate College
  • Linda Gerz, Faculty, Chemistry
  • Dr. Sandy Harrill, Assessment Center and Academic Connections
  • Michelle Lopez, Director, Institute for Community Engagement and Civic Leadership
  • Dr. Girija Nagaswami, Faculty, English and Facilitator, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Dr. Beena Patel, Faculty, Biology
  • Dr. Colin Ruggero, Faculty, Sociology and FT Unit Co-chair, Faculty and Staff Federation
  • Jenavia Weaver, Director, Student Engagement

WG 4: Standard IV (Support of the Student Experience)


  • Megan Rizzo, Faculty, Counseling
  • Ayanna Washington, Executive Director, Career and Advanced Technology Center

Committee Members:

  • Eva Blackwell, Faculty, Communication and Mass Media Studies and Faculty Advisor, Vanguard newspaper 
  • Jennifer Chiaramonti, Faculty, Counseling
  • Bianca Cummings, Manager, Enrollment Management Support  
  • Lynsey Grace, Coordinator, Athletics  
  • Lisa Johnson, Faculty, Nursing 
  • Nikki Karam, Faculty, Library and Learning Resources
  • Wendy Kohler, Director, Center on Disability  
  • Derrick Perkins, Director, Student Transition Success
  • Richard Kopp, Assistant Dean of Students 
  • Brenda Torres, Faculty, Academic Advising
  • Jeff Hains, Coordinator, Financial Aid Services```

WG 5: Standard V (Educational Effectiveness Assessment)


  • Elizabeth Canapary, Faculty, Criminal Justice

Committee Members

  • Laura Davidson, Faculty, Dietetics and Allied Health 
  • Elizabeth Gordon, Coordinator, Academic Assessment
  • Dawn Janich, Faculty, Biology 
  • Dr. Lynsey Madison, Department Head and faculty, Business Leadership, Fashion and Hospitality 
  • Hannah McGarry, Director, Corporate Solutions
  • Sean Morris, Data Reporting and Query Analyst, Institutional Research  
  • Dr. Lisa Sanders, Assistant Dean, Liberal Studies
  • Chris Wieman, Faculty, Library and Learning Resources
  • Vaishali Sharma, Manager, Online Learning
  • Natalie Fein, Faculty, Counseling

WG 6: Standard VI (Planning, Resources, & Institutional Improvement)


  • Derrick Sawyer, Budget Director, Office of Budgets and Financial Services
  • Dr. Jennifer Tront, Faculty, Biology

Committee Members

  • Paul Geissinger, Department Head and faculty, Music 
  • Beth Hicks, Manager, Application Development, Information Technology Services
  • Anela Kruse, Assistant Controller
  • Dr. Darren Lipscomb, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Wataru Nishida, Faculty, Counseling
  • Dr. Lynne Sutherland, Director, Student Success Initiatives

WG 7: Evidence Inventory

Evidence Inventory: This Working Group was responsible for coordinating the evidence demonstrating compliance with the Commission’s Standards and Requirements


  • Michael Krasulski, Department Head, Library & Learning Resources
  • Arielle Norment, Acting Dean, Business and Technology Division

Committee Members

  • Dr. Jean Byrd, Faculty, Nursing
  • Megan Lello, Director, Communications
  • Ilze Nix, Faculty, Psychology
  • Dr. Eric Shannon, Director, Institutional Research
  • Tanya Stewart-Austin, Budget and Financial Analyst, Office of Business and Finance
  • Dr. Nichole Webster, Faculty, English