About Purchasing

Mission Statement

The Purchasing Office is a department under the Division of Business and Finance. We offer procurement expertise to assure the timely acquisition, and distribution of goods and services for the College’s community in accordance with Community College of Philadelphia’s policies and procedures.

The Purchasing Philosophy

We are on the same team - Even though occasionally it seems that we are pulling in different directions, we are all here to do our part. Think of it like a football game: the ordering people are the backfield, while the people in Purchasing are the linemen trying to make your efforts a little easier. However, as with any game, there are rules to follow and we would hate to make a touchdown only to have it called back because of a rules infraction by one of the players.

The staff in Purchasing is on your team, too, and through better communication, hope to help you understand the rules of the game. In the process, we would also like to learn more about our teammates and their game plans. Remember, we don’t want to block our own players, so if we should do something that makes you think otherwise, let us know! We may not always agree with you, but we are certainly willing to help.

Purchasing Staff

Marsia Henley
Director, Purchasing & Services
Office: 215-751-8905
Fax: 215-751-8935
email: mhenley@ccp.edu

Maritza Rodriguez
Office: 215-751-8904
Fax: 215-751-8935
email: mrodriguez@ccp.edu

Daniel Sadwick
Manager, Procurement and Construction
Office: 215-751-8902
Fax: 215-751-8935