Vaccination Update

Due to City of Philadelphia mandates, all students, faculty and staff must be fully vaccinated. To register for in-person or hybrid classes, students need to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption. Students who are not vaccinated or do not have an approved exemption are able to register for fully online courses. Please see our College COVID-19 Updates for more information and visit our Virtual Student Resource Center for support.

Faculty Syllabus Upload

Community College of Philadelphia Policies and Procedures No. 14 - Standards for Distance Education Courses requires that all online and hybrid courses have a publicly available syllabus. In addition, it is now also possible to make all syllabi for all types of courses publicly available.

Community College of Philadelphia syllabi are publicly available in the Concourse syllabus management system.

NOTE: These instructions are only for making your course syllabus publicly available in Concourse. You are also required to load your syllabus into the Syllabus link on the left side menu of your Canvas course.

Before Uploading Your Public Syllabus to Concourse

It is strongly recommended that you:

Save your syllabus as an accessible PDF.

How to Upload a Public Syllabus to Concourse

  1. Logon to Canvas and select a course.
  2. Select the CCP Syllabus link on the left side menu of your Canvas course.

  3. The Concourse homepage appears. Click on the Upload Syllabus link.
  4. Then simply browse for your syllabus file, click on Upload, and your syllabus will be added to Concourse.