Course Level Assessment

The student learning outcomes for each course are identified on the course syllabus. Course-level student learning outcomes may be assessed specifically for course-related purposes, or as a means of studying student success at meeting program-level learning outcomes.


Each year, the targeted student learning outcomes are assessed as the faculty members determine and utilize direct and indirect source(s) of that best serve to indicate student mastery, and then make decisions based upon findings.

Beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year, Community College of Philadelphia is using its customized SharePoint Assessment Repository to centrally house its assessment reports and all related documentation. Click here to access the User Guide. The SharePoint Assessment Repository templates are based upon Community College of Philadelphia’s best practices as well as Nichols’ Five-Column Model.

Sample Course-Level Assessment Report CIS 103

Every 5 Years

From the Pennsylvania State Code

To be eligible for reimbursement by the Commonwealth, each credit and each noncredit course that is offered by a community college shall meet the following criteria:

  1. The course has stated learning goals and consists of a planned sequence of topics or learning activities designed to help students achieve the stated learning goals.
  2. The course is summarized in an outline which includes at least the following elements:
    • The course title and description.
    • The learning goals.
    • A planned sequence of topics or learning activities designed to help students achieve the learning outcomes.
    • A list of reference, resource or learning materials to be used by the students. 
  3. The course is consistent with the college’s mission, and is or was developed, approved and offered in accordance with the policies, standards, guidelines and procedures established by the college for the approval of new courses or programs.
  4. An accurate description of the course is published in the College Catalog or other official publication pertaining to the academic semesters, terms or years in which the course is offered. This criterion does not apply to noncredit courses which are custom designed to meet the needs of a particular employer or agency and, therefore, which are not available to the general public.

  335 Course Evaluation Form