Institutional Assessment Committee


The Institution-Wide Assessment Committee started its work in January 2012 with the following goals and tasks.

The Committee meets during both the fall and spring semesters to review assessment information in relation to current students, graduates, course evaluations and other institutional assessment processes.

Longer-term Committee Goals:

  • Facilitate the achievement of consistency and alignment across the College for assessment efforts (including development of standardized documentation procedures)
  • Facilitate college-wide use of metrics for continuous improvement
  • Identify and assist in the establishment of best practices in the use of assessment for institutional improvement
  • Monitor college-wide efforts to help ensure a cohesive and comprehensive assessment effort across the College
  • Develop recommendations for needed resource allocations to achieve college-wide assessment goals.

Initial Tasks:

  • Assess where the College is with respect to college-wide assessment efforts, establish clear goals for what progress needs to be made over the next two years, and facilitate efforts to close current assessment gaps.
  • Review the current Institution Assessment Plan for potential expansion and ensure that the plan carefully defines desired/expected assessment efforts across the institution
  • Establish priorities for strengthening college-wide assessment efforts, keeping in mind that available resources are limited.
  • Develop recommended approaches for warehousing assessment results in accessible and usable formats.

During the first term of appointment, Committee members, in support of these goals/tasks, designed and created an Institution-wide Assessment website ( ) to provide a centralized point of access to information on institutional assessment procedures and results which are far-reaching and undertaken in many areas of the College.

As part of this website, the Committee developed and maintains an on-line Assessment Library that contains information/reports that are routinely used by College staff throughout the Institution to support decision making and planning.


Institution-Wide Assessment Steering Committee

  • John Moore, Director of Academic Assessment and Evaluation (Co-chair of Institution-Wide Assessment Steering Committee and Chair IRB Work Group)
  • Dawn Sinnott, Director of Institutional Research (Co-chair of Institution-Wide Assessment Steering Committee and Co-chair Data Standards Work Group)
  • Jody Bauer, VP for Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer (Co-chair of Data Standards Work Group)
  • Jamie Fell, Institutional Research, Research Assistant (Co-chair of Data Collaborative Work Group)
  • Susan Hauck, Dean of FLOAT
  • Sam Hirsch (Co-chair of Data Collaborative Work Group)
  • Jim Spiewak, Asst. VP, Budgets/Finance Services
  • Sharon Thompson, Assoc. VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of Liberal Studies
  • Jill Weitz, General Counsel and VP for Human Resources
  • Dean of Enrollment Management

Work Groups

Institutional Review Board:

John Moore (Chair), Linda Powell, Marian Mc Gorry, Connie Watson, Leon Hill

Data Standards

Jody Bauer (Co-chair), Dawn Sinnott (Co-chair), Laura Temple, Jamie Fell, Tom DiCamillo, John Moore

Data Collaborative

Dawn Sinnott (Co-Chair), Sam Hirsch (Co-Chair), Joan Bush, Lynn Sutherland, Dave Thomas, Dean of Enrollment Management

Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes