Employee Application for Monthly Parking

Complete the application below for reserved parking at main campus.

Vehicle(s) Information
Make*Model*Year*Color*Tag Number*
Select the lot where you wish to park (Parking selection is not guaranteed)
  1. Full Time employees must pay through payroll deduction. Deductions will be withheld twice per month in equal installments. As a Full Time employee you authorize and direct Community College of Philadelphia to deduct from your earnings the amount necessary to pay for monthly parking. (Full-time status is defined as working every pay period every month.)
  2. Part Time employees and Visiting Lecturers must pay by check/money order/cash at least three days prior to the month for which they are paying. Part Time employees may pay for more than one month at a time. Checks are accepted in M1-3. Cash and money orders are accepted by the Cashier on B-G; the cashier’s receipt must be delivered to M1-3 by the payee on the day that payment is due.
  3. Parking rates are subject to change. Parking is leased on a monthly basis and will not be prorated.
  4. Failure to make monthly payments as required may result in suspension of parking privileges.
  5. Employees may suspend monthly parking by officially notifying the Office of Budgets, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services in M1-3. A “Request to Suspend Parking” or ‘Parking Change’ form must be completed, signed and submitted one week prior to the requested date to suspend.
  6. The Community College of Philadelphia leases unassigned monthly parking spaces and is not a bailee of the monthly parker’s motor vehicle or the contents therein. Community College of Philadelphia is not responsible for damage and/or loss of the monthly parker’s vehicle or the contents therein due to fire, theft, natural disaster or other causes.