Program Assessment

Program-level assessment at the College includes degree program and certificate assessment. Program-level assessment includes both program learning outcome assessment and Academic Program Review (APR).

Academic Program Assessment Cycle

The academic program assessment cycle is based on the academic year and may be composed of several assessments from individual semesters. All academic programs’ student learning outcomes (PLOs) must be assessed at least once every five years, although some programs may determine that more frequent assessment would yield more useful results. With assistance of the Office of Curriculum Development, academic programs design and periodically refine program learning outcomes that reflect the knowledge and skills that students must achieve for successful graduation, transfer, and/or entry into the workforce.

Academic Program Review

Every degree program and certificate undergoes an Academic Program Review (APR) which is developed through the collaboration of program faculty and the Office of Assessment and Evaluation (OAE). The APR provides a snapshot of the current state of each program at time of the review, along with a summary of program data and changes over the previous five years. Based on program’s outcome assessment data, history, educational philosophy, context, and economic forecasting, staff from the Office of Assessment and Evaluation work with academic Deans, program faculty, department chairs, and other related constituents to develop recommendations for program improvement.