Expectations of Tutees and Tutors

Expectations for Tutees


Honor all scheduled appointments

  • If you need to cancel, call at least one hour before the start of your session;
  • Failure to cancel the appointment will result in the student being declared a “no-show”;
  • Given multiple “no-shows” or late cancellations, you may be restricted from using tutoring services.

Come Organized

  • Bring your textbook, syllabus, notes, previous assignments and other relevant materials;
  • Attempt assignments before meeting with your tutor;
  • Prepare specific questions about content and/or study skills;
  • Remember to prioritize what topics you’d like to work on with the tutor.

 Be Responsible for Your Own Work

  • Declare whether the assignment in question is subject to grading;
  • Tutoring is a supplement to your class, but it is never a replacement for attending class regularly or independent practice;
  • Tutors will not complete your homework or any “take-home,” graded assignment for you.

 Be Respectful of Others

  • Keep an appropriate volume of your voice when speaking with other students or tutors;
  • Engaging in distracting, unruly or disrespectful behavior will result in being asked to leave the center.


Expectations for Tutors

Practice Professionalism

  • Tutors will arrive prepared, on-time, and interested in each student’s concerns;
  • Tutors will abide by FERPA, maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information;
  • Tutors will not let their own attitudes about the College, instructors and so on, influence their behavior during a tutoring session;
  • Tutors will effectively monitor time, restricting sessions to one hour if other tutees are waiting to be seen;

 Encourage Independent Learning

  • Tutors will guide the tutees by providing clarification, examples, summaries of concepts and by modeling effective study habits;
  • Tutors will allow tutees to derive their own solutions or ideas by utilizing an inquiry-based approach;
  • Tutors will not complete assignments for tutees.

 Establish a Positive, Productive Rapport

  • Tutors will introduce themselves at the start of each session;
  • Tutors will keep the atmosphere relaxed but structured and conducive to learning;
  • Tutors will strive to demonstrate patience, encouragement, competence and strong communication skills;
  • The tutor will set realistic goals with the student at the beginning of the session and will do their best to accomplish these goals by the end of the session;

 Take a Holistic Approach

  • Tutors will be responsive to each individual’s needs;
  • Tutors will make appropriate referrals to other resources on campus;
  • Tutors will access Canvas, with tutees, to obtain general information about the course and/or recommend that students contact their instructors directly, whenever appropriate.

Remain Qualified to Tutor

  • Tutors will maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0;
  • Tutors will attend and/or complete all required training;
  • Tutors will adhere to all items contained in the Tutor Code of Conduct.