About Learning Labs & SACC

Learning Lab Faculty and Staff

Head of the Learning Lab Department

Anna Seixas 215-751-8484

Office Administrative Associates

Goodman, Ernestine 215-751-8481 egoodman@ccp.edu (Main Campus)

vacant 215-972-6250 (Northeast Regional Center)

vacant - 215-751-8480  (Main Campus)

CT Specialist

Pogue, Mavis 215-751-8474 mpogue@ccp.edu

Learning Disabilities Specialist

Politis, John 215-516-3715 jpolitis@ccp.edu   

Math Specialist

Politis, John 215-516-3715 jpolitis@ccp.edu

Reading/Writing Specialists

Yannuzzi, Mary 215-751-8593 myannuzzi@ccp.edu

Student Academic Computer Center

Johnson, Omosule 215-496-6166 jomosule@ccp.edu CBI -C317
Weedor, Shomari 215.972.6246 dweedor@ccp.edu (Northeast Regional Center)