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Clubs and Organizations

Joining a student club or organization is a great way to explore new interests, socialize, and stay connected on Campus.


Students who wish to become involved in clubs or organizations must be registered in at least one credit-bearing course, maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 and be in good standing at the College.

How to Join

For information about how to join an existing club or organization on Campus, contact the Club President or Club Advisor.


A full list of Active Clubs is located in Pride Portal.

African Culture and Traditions Club
Anime Club
Anime and Gaming Club (Northeast Regional Center)
Art Studio
Asian American Association
CCAEYC (Community College of Philadelphia for the Education of Young Children)
Christian Women Alliance
Computer Science Club
Dental Hygiene Graduates
Dental Hygiene Freshman
Design & Construction Club (DACA)
FMDC Fashion Club
Gay Straight Alliance
Geospatial Student Club
Gospel Choir
Green Cycle Alliance
Haitian Student Organization (Club Creole)
International Student Organization
LASO (Latin American Student Organization)
Math Club
Music Appreciation Club
Muslim Student Association
Muslim Women League
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Paralegal Student Association
Photography Club
Plan B
Ritmo Latino Club
Science Club
Tokken Apparel Inc. 
Veterans Club

How to Start a Club

Do you have a great idea for a student club at Community College of Philadelphia? Will it serve a student need and be a service to the community? If you feel that your idea for a new club will do the above as well as be a lot of fun, then you may have what it takes to start a new club (or re-activate an existing club) at the College.

How do you go about organizing? How can the Student Government Association recognize you, so you can use the College facilities and obtain a club budget? Once the club or organization is recognized and registered with Student Life, how much funding is available?

Follow These 5 Steps to Start a New Club:

  1. Survey other students you know to see if you can find a reasonable amount of interest in your proposed group.
  2. If it is curriculum-related, be sure to contact everyone in that program.
  3. Contact a faculty or staff member who has expressed an interest. An advisor can help you with the details of organizing your club and carrying out your objectives. All clubs and organizations are required to have an advisor.
  4. Come to the Student Life Center (S1-19) or Student Leadership and Involvement Center (S1-12) to discuss your proposal and get information on how to proceed and how to create a constitution.
  5. After identifying an advisor and prospective members, submit your charter to the Office of Student Life. Student Life will then forward your proposal to the Student Government Association for consideration. If SGA votes “yes,” and the College approves, you will receive an approved copy of your constitution for your records.

Be sure to check with the Office of Student Life for materials that you will need to carry out your group’s mission (guidelines, requisition forms, etc.). You can now carry the name of the College and represent the student body. This is a serious responsibility and should be considered often as you plan your activities.