Enrollment Services Hours


Welcome Center – 8:30am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)
Enrollment Central - 8:30am - 6pm (Monday - Thursday); 8:30am - 3pm (Friday)

Student Tuition Services – Window: 10am - 2pm; Back office: 8:30am - 5pm (Monday-Friday)
Transfer Credit and Placement office – 8:30am - 4:30pm (Monday - Thursday); Closed (Friday)

*Note: The College is closed on Fridays from May 6, 2024 through August 16, 2024.

Virtual Student Resource Center

For access to the virtual student resource center, click here.  This page is your one-stop-shop for in-person service hours information and remote access to the College's academic, financial and community resources, and will be frequently updated to provide you with the most current information available.

We encourage any and all students who are struggling to adjust to a virtual classroom and campus to refer to this page early and often. If you are not able to find what you need here, you can contact the College directly through CCP Cares