How to Make an Advising Appointment

Advisors will be assisting students in-person by appointment only and virtually by Zoom, phone, and email.

Step 1: Find your Advisor

Note: Students can schedule appointments no more than two weeks in advance. New appointments are posted every Wednesday. If you do not see an appointment available for an advisor assigned to your major, check back on Wednesday. Scheduling with an advisor not assigned to your program will result in a cancellation.

Accounting Cameo, Kristen, Khalica, Amanda, Brenda, Kristy
Architecture Sherice, Kathryn, Brenda
Art & Design Aaron, Sherice, Kathryn, Brenda
American Sign Language/English Interpreting Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Applied Engineering Technology Sherice, KristyBrenda, Kathryn
Automotive Tech  KristenBrenda, Cameo, Khalica
Behavioral Health/Human Services Cameo, Maddie, Khalica, Raven, Maddie
Black Studies Sherice, Kathryn, Brenda
Biology Aaron, Sherice, Kathryn, Brenda, Kristy
Biological Science Sherice, KathrynBrenda, Kristy
Biomedical Equipment Technology Sherice, Kathryn, Kristy
Business Accelerated  Brenda, Raven
Business General Brenda, Kristen, Amanda, Kristy
Business Leadership Cameo, Kristen, KhalicaBrenda, Kristy
Chemistry Aaron, Sherice, KathrynKristy

Computer Information System

 KristenBrenda, Kristy Cameo, Khalica
Communications Studies Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Computer Science KristenBrenda, Kristy
Construction Management Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Culinary Arts Cameo, Kristen, KhalicaBrenda
Culture, Science & Technology Erika, Tomi, KimBrenda
Cybersecurity KristenBrenda, Kristy, Cameo, Khalica
Dental Hygiene Erika, Tomi, KimBrenda
Diagnostic Medical Imaging Erika, Tomi, KimBrenda
Digital Forensics KristenBrenda
Digital Video Production Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Education - Early Child Aaron, Cameo, Maddie, KhalicaMaddie, Raven
Education - Middle and Secondary Level Maddie, Aaron, Raven 
Engineering Science Sherice, KathrynBrenda, Kristy
English Sherice, Kathryn, Amanda
Facilities Management Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Fashion Merchandise & Marketing Cameo, Kristen, KhalicaBrenda
Fire Science KristenBrenda
Health Care Studies Brenda, Cameo, Erika, Tomi, Kim, Khalica, Amanda, Aaron
Health Services Management Erika, Tomi, KimBrenda
International Studies Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Interior Design Sherice, KathrynBrenda

Cameo, Maddie, Khalica, AmandaBrenda, Maddie, Raven

Liberal Arts Aaron, Brenda, Sherice, Kathryn, Amanda
Liberal Arts Social/Behavior Science

Aaron, Sherice, Kathryn, Amanda, Brenda

Mass Media Sherice, Kathryn, Amanda
Mathematics Sherice, Kathryn, Kristy
Medical Assistant PC
Erika, Tomi, Kim, Amanda
Medical Insurance Billing PC Erika, Tomi, Kim
Medical Lab Tech Erika, Tomi, Kim
Medium and Heavy Truck Technology KristenBrenda
Music Performance  Aaron, Sherice, Kathryn
Network Administration Kristen, Kristy
Nursing Erika, Tomi, KimBrenda
Paralegal Studies Cameo, Maddie, Khalica, Maddie, Raven
Patient Service Rep PC Erika, Tomi, KimBrenda
Photography Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Psychology Aaron, Brenda, Maddie, Amanda, Raven 
Public Health Erika, Tomi, KimBrenda
Religious Studies PC Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Respiratory Care Technology Erika, Tomi, KimBrenda
Sound Recording and Music Tech Aaron, Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Technical Studies KristenBrenda
Theater Sherice, KathrynBrenda
Tourism and Hospitality Management Cameo, Kristen, KhalicaBrenda
Toyota T- TEN Kristen,  Brenda
Web and Mobile Application Development  Kristen, Brenda, Kristy

Step 2: Log into Starfish

Log into your MyCCP account and click the Starfish Connect link located in the Launchpad on the left side of the screen.

Academic Advising

Step 3: My Success Network screen.

The Full-Time Advisors service will be the first service listed. Full-time advisors are program specialists. Click on Full-Time Advisors to schedule an appointment.

full time advisors

Step 4: Locate Your Advisor

Scroll through the list of full-time advisors until you find your advisor. Click on the 3 blue dots next to an advisors name, and then click on SCHEDULE.

Find advisor

Step 5: Let Us Know What You Need

Click on the arrow on the far right hand side of the screen. Once clicking on the arrow, the reasons for appointments will be displayed. You will need to select a reason and then click CONTINUE.

Tell us what you need screen

Step 6: Sign Up for an Appointment Time

A calendar will appear on the right hand side of the screen, select a range of dates that work best you. Next, select a time (click on SHOW MORE TIMES to get additional appointment times). Then click CONTINUE.

Set your appointment time

Step 7: Confirm

Click the CONFIRM button.

Confirm the appointment screen

Appointment Confirmed