My Path to Being a Well-Rounded Student

Office of Student Engagement

The mission of the Office of Student Engagement is to increase student engagement and retention by creating an environment that fosters student success.

The Office of Student Engagement (S1-19) is responsible for programs such as New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, Spring Fling, off-campus trips to Broadway shows, sporting events, monthly themed affinity programs such as LatinX, LGBTQ, Black History programs and many other ways to help you get involved!

The Office of Student Engagement also actively collaborates with faculty in numerous courses and curricula by sponsoring out-of-class experiences with a direct relationship to material being studied.

Students who are involved are more connected to the campus and tend to have higher grades and graduate and transfer on time. Don’t wait, there is more to college than going to class; let us help you to succeed!

Lion Leaders - Student Leadership Team

The Lion Leaders are the Division of Student Development’s student leadership team. These students serve the Main Campus and Regional Center’s as College programmers, information desk, customer service specialists and school spirit squad/mascot performers. Students interested in joining the team can get more information by visiting the staff in the Winnet Student Life Building, Suites S1-10, S1-11, S1-12, and S1-19 or emailing . (Note: The Lion Leader Program will resume when the College returns to full, in-person campus instruction). 

Center for Student Leadership Development

The Center for Student Leadership Development (S1-11/S1-12) is the hub for student leadership development, civic engagement and our many student clubs and organizations. Stop in today to discover new ways to lead, find ways to be involved and to grow as a member of the College community. 

Student leadership development programs, retreats, conferences, workshops and the College’s award ceremonies are also housed in the Center for Student Leadership Development. 

Philadelphia L.E.A.D.S

Whether you’re a first-time, college-level student, a student who has completed your first college-level course work or a seasoned student with leadership experience, L.E.A.D.S. has something for you. Our unique three-tier leadership program is designed to instill leadership qualities in those students who have a desire to lead.  

Tier I - Emerging Leaders

Those entering the College as first-time, college-level freshmen have an opportunity to join Emerging Leaders. The Emerging Leaders program uses the Social Change Model as a guide to developing students. The Social Change Model is an approach to leadership development focused on the process of enacting social change from multiple perspectives.  

Tier II - The Gold Leaders – Student Leadership Challenge

When you have at least 15 credit hours and a GPA of 2.7 or better, you can participate in the Student Leadership Challenge. The Challenge follows the programs designed by Kouzes and Posner. The book is separated into eight chapters, and over eight sessions, we will discuss each chapter. The first chapters will introduce students to the philosophy behind Exemplary Leadership. This will be followed by five sessions, which specifically discuss the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. 

Tier III - The Pathway Leaders in Service

The third tier of leadership is our Leaders in Service. This program focuses on service as the pinnacle of true leadership. When you have completed the Student Leadership Challenge and if you have maintained a minimum GPA of 2.7, you will be invited to become a part of the program. Leaders in Service will identify various opportunities for service along with serving as mentors to Emerging Leaders. 

Student Clubs and Organizations

Joining a student club or organization is one way to become involved in the extracurricular life at the College. Whether you wish to continue an interest, develop one, explore new and different ideas or just to socialize, a student club is a great opportunity! More than 30 registered student clubs are on file with the Center for Student Leadership Development and with Student Government Association (SGA). Many clubs have a curriculum or academic department focus. Other clubs have an artistic focus. Still, other clubs are based on a particular religion, ethnicity or social focus. Students who wish to become involved in clubs or organizations must be registered in at least one credit-bearing course, maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, and be in good standing at the College.  

Clubs must register and reactivate each year. For the most current list of clubs and organizations, visit Pride Portal or visit the Center for Student Leadership Development (S1-12). 

How to Start a Club

Do you have a great idea for a student club at Community College of Philadelphia? Will it serve a student need and be a service to the community? If you feel that your idea for a new club will do the above as well as be a lot of fun, then you may have what it takes to start a new club (or re-activate an existing club) at the College.  

How do you go about organizing? How can SGA recognize you, so you can use the College facilities and obtain a club budget? Once the club or organization is recognized and registered, how much funding is available?  

Follow These Five Steps To Start A New Club: 

  1. Survey other students you know to see if you can find a reasonable amount of interest in your proposed group.   
  2. If it is curriculum-related, be sure to contact everyone in that program.  
  3. Contact a faculty or staff member who has expressed an interest. An advisor can help you with the details of organizing your club and carrying out your objectives. All clubs and organizations are required to have an advisor.  
  4. Visit Pride Portal and attend one of the weekly or bi-weekly Pride Portal Zoom Training Sessions. Join the Center for Student Leadership Development (S1-11/S1-12) to discuss your proposal and get information on how to proceed to start the club. 
  5. After identifying an advisor and prospective members, submit your club registration online via Pride Portal. SGA will accept and deliberate on funding requests from each club and allocate on a view-point/content-neutral basis. 

Be sure to check with the Center for Student Leadership Development for materials that you will need to carry out your group’s mission (guidelines, requisition forms, etc.). You can now carry the name of the College and represent the student body. This is a serious responsibility and should be considered often as you plan your activities.  

Official student groups and organizations must be open for membership to all Community College of Philadelphia students in good standing. Official student organizations shall not deny membership or participation on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or any other status protected under federal, state, or local law unless otherwise permitted under applicable Federal law. Certain performance-based requirements may be imposed on a view-point neutral/belief-neutral and status-neutral basis. For example, honor societies may require a minimum GPA or matriculation into an academic program and singing groups may require students to audition.                           

Student Media/Publications 

The Vanguard is the student-run campus newspaper that offers news, sports, features and editorials of interest to the student body. Students are responsible for the publication’s policies and content. A limited number of staff positions are available and articles are welcome from any member of the College community for publication consideration.  

Honor Societies 

Community College of Philadelphia’s honor societies recognize and encourage scholarship by providing an opportunity to develop leadership and service, an intellectual climate for scholarship, and the stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.  

The College recognizes the following honor societies:  

  • Alpha Eta Society (health professions)  
  • Alpha Beta Gamma (business) 
  • Delta Psi Omega (theatre) 
  • Phi Theta Kappa, Rho Upsilon Chapter (general scholastic excellence), is the College’s main academic honor society and is recognized nationally as the honor society for students in community and junior colleges.  
  • Psi Beta (Psychology majors) 

NOTE: Membership in honor societies is by invitation only.