Student FAQs

What should I do if I get an email about a Starfish flag?

Don't panic! Read the email thoroughly and take action! Follow the advice and directions provided in the email.  Instructors raise flags when they have a concern about your classroom performance.  They want to help you succeed.

Meet with your instructor, if requested.  You can reply directly to your instructor from the Starfish email you received. You should listen to your instructor's feedback about your performance and make improvements based on your discussion so that you can start doing better in class right away.

The email may recommend that you seek help at a student support office on campus. Be sure to follow through by contacting or visiting that office.

Are there other ways I will know if I have received a flag or referral?

Be sure to check your Starfish Connect Dashboard regularly.  On the Starfish Connect Resource webpage, click on "How to use Starfish Connect" to see screenshots guiding you to your Dashboard.  Instructors comment on student progress often and you want to be able to respond to any feedback you receive.

What if I get a kudo?

Celebrate!  Your instructor wants you to know that you did something in class
that contributes to your academic success and merits acknowledgment.
If you care to, don't hesitate to send your professor a quick thank you note.

Who can see my flags, kudos, and referrals?

Your academic success is a team effort between faculty and student support staff at Community College of Philadelphia.  Your Student Success Network (which you can view in your Starfish Connect Dashboard) includes the instructors whose classes you are currently enrolled in and student support staff offices, such as Counseling or Advising.  If you are a member of specific student support programs, such as TRIO SSS, Center for Male Engagement, or Veterans' Resource Center, those staff members will be aware of any flags raised or referrals made by your instructors so that they can reach out to you and provide extra support to help you successfully complete a course.

What to do if I have problems with Starfish Connect?

Email us at