Flags, Kudos and Referrals

Receiving Flags and Kudos

In order to be notified of any flags and kudos with any special messages from your instructor, you must check your Starfish Connect Dashboard and College Email regularly (at least once a day). When an instructor raises a flag, the subject line of the email will be Important Information from your (course name) Professor.  Be sure to open emails with this subject line.

Early Course Alert* Keep up the Good Work
Student Engagement Concern Showing Improvement
Missing/Late Assignments Outstanding Academic Performance
Low Quiz/Test Grades Good Follow-Through
General Concerns Learning Lab Follow-Through
Substantial Change needed to Pass Courses
In Danger of Failing  

* Early Course Alert is a new flag launched in Spring 2021.  If you receive this flag, your professor has a concern about how you are starting off in the course.  If you receive this flag, it is important to reach out to your professor so you can quickly correct the problem.

Receiving Referrals

You may receive a referral to any of the following offices:

  • Academic Advising
  • Career Connections
  • Counseling
  • Financial Aid
  • International Student Services
  • LGBTQ Center
  • Learning Labs
  • Library
  • Office of Collegiate Recovery
  • Single stop
  • Women's Outreach and Advocacy Center

You have been referred to this campus resource because your instructor believes you will benefit from the services offered by a particular office.  Be sure to follow up by reaching out to the office for assistance.  You should receive an email with the office's contact information.  You can also check the Service Catalog in Starfish Connect for contact information.

How Early Alerts are used

Using Starfish Connect, faculty can raise flags when they have a concern about student performance, give kudos to provide positive feedback to students and make referrals to campus resources.

What To Do If You Get an Early Alert

  • It's important for you to talk with your instructor about the alert. Find out why you received the alert, and what you can do to improve.
  • Approach your instructor with an  openness to learn
  • Be open to feedback that can help you succeed
  • If you need extra support, visit the Student Success Support Coach in the Office of Student Success Initiatives (S3-09), (215) 751-8202 or

Student Success Support Coach

  • The coach will conference with you via phone or office visit, and an assessment of your immediate needs will be completed
  • The coach will help you to develop a strategy for improvement, including an action plan
  • You will be connected with the appropriate College resources and supports
  • You will receive follow-up contact

Keep in Mind:

  • If you receive an early alert, it is important to act on it
  • Keep in mind that it is information that can help you pass your course
  • Receiving an early alert does not affect your financial aid or academic standing
  • It is provided to empower you with information
  • Remember: Information is Power


Receiving a "Kudo" is a good thing! It means your instructor wants you to know that you did something in class that contributes to your academic success and merits acknowledgment. If you care to, don't hesitate to send your professor a quick thank you note.