Information Literacy Instruction

The Library faculty of Community College of Philadelphia is committed to providing Information Literacy instruction to the students of the College. Information Literacy Instruction demystifies the Library, builds student confidence, increases effectiveness of student research, improves the quality of student work, and introduces students to the tools required for lifelong learning.

Information Literacy is one of the six essential skills of General Education at the College.

Requesting Information Literacy Instruction

  1. Information Literacy instruction sessions are provided at the request of a course instructor. When scheduling your classes, please send a copy of the assignment or your syllabus to We will work with you to meet both your goals and ours for each individual session.
  2. Submit requests for Information Literacy Instruction using the form below.
  3. Please arrange for instruction at least five business days prior to the desired date of the class. This gives library faculty time to prepare.
  4. Library faculty members are assigned to teach Information Literacy instruction classes on a rotating basis. Whenever possible, we will accommodate your request for a specific librarian.
  5. For remote instruction, please add your assigned librarian to your course in Canvas by going to "People" +People and add your Librarian by email address.
  6. Remote library instruction may take various forms: synchronous instruction via Zoom; asynchronous instruction by recorded video; sharing of Powerpoint slides or other instructional materials; designated student-librarian discussion threads in Canvas, as well as other methods. Please communicate with your assigned librarian how we can best meet your needs.
  7. As always, please encourage your students to take advantage of virtual Library services described on the Virtual Student Support web page.

REMEMBER: Information Literacy Instruction is most effective when students are working on a relevant assignment at the time of the instruction session!

Off campus? Access the Request for Information Literacy Instruction form here.