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The academic programs and courses provided by the Transportation Technologies department equip students with the knowledge, tools, skill sets and practical experience to be competitive in job markets as well as prepare those who desire to continue their education and pursue a bachelor’s degree through degree completion programs. Students are also challenged and encouraged by subject matter experts and participate in fully active classroom instruction including both lecture and practical application knowledge delivered both on-campus or in distance learning environments through hybrid models. Professional growth opportunities and program benefits include: 

  • Hands-on training with modern vehicles, and diagnostic and repair equipment
  • Professional Manufacturer automotive certifications
  • Preparation to take the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) examinations 
  • Internships and work experience  

Program options offered by the Transportation Technologies department include Associates in Applied Science Degrees and Proficiency Certificates.

  • Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) = A degree that provides students career-specific skills leading directly to employment. Students with this degree may also transfer to bachelor’s degree-granting institutions.
  • Proficiency Certificates = Proficiency certificates are short-term, focused course offerings that are primarily developed to prepare students for employment. Students may also continue their education, since all credits received through the proficiency certificates can potentially transfer seamlessly into an associate’s degree program in a related field.

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Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors see students by scheduled appointment only. Please contact the front desk staff (BG-12) to schedule an appointment with your advisor at (215) 751-8777, or book an appointment online through Starfish.

Department of Transportation Technologies assigned Advisors   

Additionally, Curriculum and Program Coordinators serve as Faculty Advisors and are a great resource for students when they have questions or concerns regarding their academic degree programs. 

Academic Programs 

If you are uncertain which career path to choose, a description of each academic program can be found below:

Automotive Technology 

The Automotive Technology and Automotive Service programs located at the West Regional campus (temporarily housed in the CBI building – 1st Floor) offer a wide range of flexible academic offerings and courses taught by master-level certified ASE instructors.  

Current program options include:

A.A.S in Automotive Technology 

Automotive Service I Proficiency Certificate

Automotive Service II Proficiency Certificate 

Advanced Automotive Repair Professional Proficiency Certificate 

The Automotive Technology degree program is accredited by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation and prepares students to reach their career goals through stimulating, hands on, modern, affordable education. Through this program, students have the option to earn industry recognized certifications and gain work experience through internships while they work with the latest automotive diagnostic equipment & vehicles on campus.

Students who complete the Proficiency Certificate I or II will be prepared to obtain employment in small shops, dealerships, or franchise-based repair facilities. When completed, the courses from these certificates may be applied towards the Automotive Technology Associate’s degree.

Currently the Automotive Technology programs also have manufacturer partnerships with Nissan of North America and Ford Motor Company through the Nissan Technician Training Academy and Ford Technical Career Entry Program - Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR). Students enrolled in the Automotive Technology AAS program, or the Automotive Service Proficiency Certificate I or Proficiency Certificate II programs are able to participate in the manufacturer programs. 

Learn more about our manufacturer programs: 

Individualized Studies 

The Individualized Studies program recognizes valuable training and/or work experience by giving students in technical fields the opportunity to receive college credits for their experiences and to apply that experience and knowledge to an associate's degree. It assists individuals in their preparation for career advancement or change. In the first semester, the student will develop a Personal Education Plan (PEP) directly related to career or educational goals. The PEP requires the approval of the department head.

This select* program has three components:

  1. Prior learning assessment: 12-30 credits in the Technical/Occupational core from industry certifications, work experience, non-credit to credit program articulations, and evidence of other demonstrated competencies
  2. 21 credits of General Education
  3. 6-24 credits taken as part of a Personal Education Plan