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Benefits and Eligibility

What's Available at Center for Male Engagement

Support System

Each participant is assigned a support coach who helps the student adapt to the college environment, find ways to lessen some of the barriers to academic and personal success and encourages the student to take full advantage of the college’s many supportive services, resources, and program offerings.  

Academic Support

On-site tutoring in writing and math. Various academic success workshops as well as access to computers, printers, and a resource library. 

Professional and Personal Development

Facilitated workshops in career and leadership development and life skills training.

Internship and community service opportunities.


Structured mentoring opportunities from professionals in various industries, alumni and peers who are committed to sharing their experiences, providing guidance, and teaching the importance of developing one’s social capital to further their personal and professional growth.

Cultural Enrichment

Planned social events to expose participants to different experiences and cultures, further develop self-awareness, and foster peer support among CME members. Past events have included Broadway plays, college tours (local and out of state), films, museums, leadership retreats, high and low rope courses, and professional sporting events.


To participate in the program, students must have either successfully completed the Summer Enrichment Program designed for first-time incoming students or have less than 12 credits and attend an orientation at the beginning of the fall or spring semester. All participants are required to sign an agreement of participation that outlines program expectations.