How Many Classes Should You Take

A key factor in student success is enrolling in the number of classes that you can successfully complete while still allowing time needed for work, child and/or family responsibilities, hobbies and community involvement, or simply time for self-care. The time needed to be successful in college classes goes beyond the amount of time spent in class. In fact, students should be spending 2-3 times as much time on their studies outside of class as they do in class. Use the guide below to help you determine the correct number of classes you should take.

Part-time vs. Full-time

  • Part time status is less than 12 credit (on average, two or three courses)
  • Full time status is 12 or more credits (on average, four or five courses)
Total Hours Per Week at Work Recommended Number of Classes Per Semester Estimated Study Time in Hours
40 1-2 9-18
30 2-3 18-27
20 3-4 27-36
0-10 4-5 36-45

Part of Term (15-, 10-, 7- and 4-week Classes)