The Transfer Enrollment Process

Once you have followed the admissions process, submitted an admissions application with all required documentation and have been accepted into your school of choice, you will begin the enrollment process. Follow the steps below to begin the transfer process or download our transfer application and enrollment process presentation for more information.

Credit Evaluation  

In order to determine how your credits will transfer, you will need to send them official transcripts from CCP and all other colleges/universities you attended. You can usually request official transcripts online. As a transfer student you may not need to send High School transcripts (or GED scores), but many institutions require them so we recommend you send them. If you attended an institution abroad, please communicate directly with the transfer institution. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships  

Update your FAFSA with your new school's code as soon as possible. Apply by their deadline so that the transfer institution can send you an Award letter. Usually the admissions office will automatically award transfer scholarships based on your GPA but you may need to submit a scholarship application. Ask if you qualify for any transfer scholarships. Don’t forget to check if there are any deadlines to apply for scholarships. Apply to outside scholarship sources. 

Pay Tuition Deposit 

Most institutions require students submit a tuition deposit before being able to register for classes. This deposit tells the transfer institution that you have made a commitment to enrolling and attending their school; it holds a place for you at the college. 

Register for Classes

In order to register for courses, you will need to meet with an advisor. While your first meeting may be short, try to share with them your goals and any concerns or academic needs you may have. This may lead to personalized recommendations and referrals. Once you select your courses, don't forget to send another official transcript from CCP after your final semester is complete. 

Attend Orientation 

Every institution is different. While you may know the "how to" and "where to" at CCP, get to know your new school by attending an orientation. Meet new people and learn your way around campus. Learn about clubs and organizations at the new school. Take full advantage of the opportunities at your transfer institution. 

Start Your Semester 

You did it! Congratulations! 

Focus on your new college but don’t forget to let us know how you are doing and how we might be able to assist future students in their transfer to your new institution. Don’t forget to join the Alumni Association if you are a graduate, have received an accredited certificate or have completed 30 credits or more.