The Transfer Admissions Process

All students intending to transfer from Community College of Philadelphia (regardless of whether they submitted a dual admissions intent form, earn an associate degree or not), are required to initiate an admissions process followed by an enrollment process.

Follow the steps below to begin the transfer process or download our transfer application and enrollment process presentation for more information.

The Admissions Application 

First, find the deadlinfor submission of your admissions application by visiting the transfer institution's website. Then, access and submit the transfer admissions applicationThe application may require you to complete an essay or submit a recommendation letter, the details of which are specified below.  

Some institutions will request you submit the Common Application instead. Watch this video developed by the Common App, to assist you with the basics of completing their application. 

Complete an Essay 

While not every institution requires an essay, this is a great opportunity to tell your story. Make sure you address the required topics and thoroughly answer the promptWrite about your accomplishments and experiences, demonstrating  why you are a good candidate for admission to this specific institution.  

Take this seriously. An essay should be written as if it is being graded. 

For more information on the process of writing a college essay visit the following website, we recommend this resource

You can also receive help with writing your essay by making an appointment at the College’s Learning Lab  

Submit Recommendation Letter(s) 

Only some institutions require letter of recommendations so first, confirm that recommendation letters are requiredIf so, the transfer institution may stipulate who should write the letter. For example: Professors who can speak highly of your work and/or Supervisors of paid or volunteer work experience.  

Request Official Transcripts and/or Test Scores 

Transfer institutions typically require full academic history. This means that official transcripts must be submitted from every institution attended 

Community College of Philadelphia Transcripts 

Request your official transcript. We recommend students request an official CCP transcript through the online system for this is the fastest and least expensive option.

Transcripts from other College/Universities 

Most institutions offer online tools to request official transcripts on their webpage. Request official transcripts from all previous college(s) attended and request to have them send an official transcript to the institution(s) you are applying to.  

High School Transcripts & SAT/ACT Scores 

Not always required for an admission decision. Visit the transfer institution’s Admissions website and/or contact the admission office to determine if you need to submit.  

Keep a Record & Follow Up 

Because the admissions process can be a long one, we recommend that you create a file for each institution for which you have applied. Track all the supporting documents; when they were submitted and received. Keep track of the dates and contact persons so that you can follow up with the institution if necessary.  

Final Tip 

Each transfer institution may have slightly different directions and requirements than what is listed in this guide. Make sure that you follow the directions listed in each application that you submit.