Civics Education Workshop Series

Civics Beyond the Classroom Workshop Series

Knowing what to expect at the polls and understanding what you are voting for is important, but where you get your information is crucial to your understanding and decision-making. That’s why we’ve invited members of the judicial branch to explain and teach our community firsthand information about the United States Constitution, the court system, criminal and civil cases, and more. You’ll enter the classroom intrigued, and leave enriched and ready to make the best decisions for your family and community. This workshop series is more than just politics. It’s about understanding the influence the U.S. government has on your life, how it works for you and the lawful rights of citizens.

Please email Olivia Edwards to receive the link to register for this 8-week series, which runs from Oct. 2 through Nov. 20.

Civics Beyond the Classroom Workshop Series Outline

Note: Workshops will be held in the Winnet Student Life Building, Room S2-03, at 6 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Date Workshops


Intro. to Federal Courts—Separation of Powers, the Judiciary Act, Rule of Law | Hon. Cynthia M. Rufe, Hon. Magdeline Coleman and Magistrate Judge Elizabeth T. Hey

Gain an overview of the government's framework. This introduction will include a discussion about the Separation of Powers, Judiciary Act and Rule of Law.


Labor, Employment and Discrimination Law | Hon. Gene Pratter | Note: Class to start at 5:30 p.m.

Civil Law: Labor, Employment and Discrimination Law

Gain an understanding of how, why and when citizens file lawsuits against one another through a discrimination case study.


 Comparison of State and Federal Court Systems | Hon. Cheryl A. Krause (and Hon. Susan Gantman (Ret.)*)

What is the difference between state and federal courts? Explore their varying levels and roles, judicial independence, stare decisis or precedent, and rule of law


The Fourth Amendment, Search and Seizure, Criminal Law | Hon. Ted McKee


Judicial Decision Making and Judicial Independence | Hon. D. Brooks Smith and Hon. Marjorie O. Rendell


The Fourteenth Amendment and Due Process | Hon. Gerald McHugh


The First Amendment | Hon. Larry Stengel (Ret.)


Immigration Law | Hon. Phil Restrepo

Immigration has consistently been a hot-button issue in this country. In this unit, learn about the history of immigration, examine case studies and discover the paths to citizenship.