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CCP Votes

Why Vote?

  • You have the right to be heard and the power to vote during the election
  • Your vote matters because you are important and so are the needs of your family and friends
  • You can support solutions to the problems you see affecting your community
  • You can make sure your elected officials represent you
  • You can impact the direction of the entire country

Be part of the Community College of Philadelphia student population who beat the national voting average during the presidential election! Let's add to this momentum—and get out to vote for this year's election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

What You Can Do

 Register to Vote

  • The deadline to register to vote in PA is October 19 
  • Students, register to vote at
  • Not a student or live outside of PA, get started here.

Educate Yourself


Get Out the VOTE and Hashtag #CCPVOTES

Fall 2020 Get Out the Vote Events and Resources

#CCPVotes Pop up Voter Education Station

 November 2| 12:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Are you voting early? Do you have questions about how to vote? Do you want to sign up for a service opportunity on Election Day? Come join us in front of the West Building on Main Campus for our Voter Education Station. No appointment needed. You will meet with one of our #CCPVotes team members and they will walk you through it all. You can also come to pick up a FREE snack before heading to your Satellite Election Office to vote and register for a Party at the Mailbox Voting Gift Box! 

Stop by our station at the corner of 17th and Spring Garden Street | In front of the West Building.

Celebrate Voting with Party at the Mailbox

Ongoing until Election Day

Receive a FREE Voting Gift Box by registering for one at: You will receive, a FREE T-shirt and Under Armour Face mask along Voting Information and Philly's finest sweets and treats! 

Need a Ride to the Polls?

November 3, Election Day

Catch a free Lyft ride to and from the polls. Text "Lyft" to 73179 to claim your ride now. *Up to $25. While supplies last. Terms apply:

You can also:

1. Request a ride via 1-855-848-0950 or via web here.

2. Get matched to a volunteer driver and coordinate a trip date & time.

3. Meet and drive to the relevant elections office/dropbox to submit your ballot.

4. Head home knowing your vote will be counted. :-)

Election Day 

November 3, 2020

The College will be closed on Election Day, November 3, to allow all students and employees to Get Out the Vote! Vote early (if you're voting in-person), then give back on election day:

  1. Educate and encourage others to vote! This can be done in advance of election day as well as on Election Day. Remind others to get out and vote on Nov. 3.
  2. Become a Poll Worker. Serve your community, support elections and be a champion for democracy! Poll workers generally work the entire day on Election Day, from before the polls open at 7 a.m. until after the polls close at 8 p.m. Training will be provided, and all poll workers are paid for their time on Election Day. Apply for PA poll worker position.
  3. Volunteer opportunities exist for those who wish to protect the polls on Election Day. Sign up here to serve as an Election Protection Volunteer.
  4. Drive someone to the polls who may have an issue getting there. Help your fellow neighbor, family member or friend to find their polling place in PA and help them get there by visiting to find the correct polling place.
  5. For a volunteer driver:

    1. Join the DYB volunteer Slack community here.

    2. Get matched to a voter and coordinate a trip date & time.

    3. Meet and drive to the relevant elections office/dropbox where your passenger can submit their ballot.

    4. Head home knowing you helped ensure all votes will be counted. :-)

  6. Ballot Buddies: Planning to walk your ballot to a dropbox or a polling place -  be safe and take a buddy!

  7. Post on Social Media. Be a #CCPVotes Influencer for the day and inspire others to vote. Post an image(s) or live video sharing why you voted and why you think it’s important. Don’t forget to hashtag #CCPVotes when you do!