About the Athletics Center

Access to Facilities

To gain access to the facilities and ensure proper use of the equipment, you must attend a demonstration and present a valid College ID.

Lockers (you must provide a lock) and showers are available. The Athletics Center is available to alumni for an annual fee paid through the alumni office. Use of the Athletics Center is restricted to students, alumni, faculty and staff with a valid College Photo ID card.


All visitors are required to follow the Athletics Department's recommendations to prevent accidents and injuries. A copy of the recommendations is available through the Athletics Department, Room G1-12, or through the Office of the Vice President for Academic and Student Success, Room M2-37.

Athletics Center Equipment

  • Weight training room with Hammer Strength equipment
  • Cardio room with bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines
  • Exercise room with a wooden floor designed for aerobics and other types of exercise
  • Lockers (you provide the lock) and showers are available

Athletics Center Staff

Staff MemberTitlePhone Number
Rogers Glispy Director of Athletics (215) 751-8965
Lynsey Grace Coordinator of Athletics (215) 751-8968
Dwayne Clark Fitness Center Coordinator (215) 751-8967
Jesus Godoy Equipment Manager (215) 751-8005
Anita Lewis Administrative Assistant (215) -751-8964